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WHITE CLOUDS is my first novel - A science fiction story that combines mystery, adventure, and detective themes.

The idea for this story hatched in mind almost 13 years ago. Ever since I started thinking about it, I haven't been able to stop. For many years, the ideas for this story swirled in my head. From time to time, I'd drop a few lines in a file on my computer, but that was it. I couldn't stop thinking about how life would look like on these giant space stations called Clouds by their inhabitants. I kept imagining the adventures my protagonist will experience onboard these orbital behemoths.

Five years ago, when it became obvious that the story wasn't leaving me alone, I decided it was time to take it on. I outlined the story for the following two years (while working full-time and being a father of two).

With outlining finished, I had the full skeleton of a story, filled with characters and scenes waiting to come alive. I knew I had to take the next step and start writing. And I did just that. I found a workplace that will let me work 80% and since then spent a day a week (and sometimes weekends) writing my story.

The writing period took another two years, after which I had a draft ready. It felt wonderful to have finished this project after so many years. It still seems like a dream come true. Yet, it is just the beginning - for this book and for my writing.

Currently, I'm at the place where the going gets tough. The traditional publishing world seems very harsh and impenetrable, even more so for a debuting novelist. So now I'm looking to self-publishing and crowd-funding as the vehicle to share this story with as many readers as possible. To that end, I will need to hire help - to edit and format the book to get it to a professional level.

This is where you come in. Your help is very much needed.

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"May you swiftly cross the void"


* The art cover was painted by the very talented Mali Kesten

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