Chapter 1

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Deacon P.O.V.

From a young boy my mother was the first and only woman I ever loved. She has always been my rock. She's always been the parent I could count on. Now she is dying and it seems like there is nothing I can do to save her life.

All I've been able to do is move her into my house and make sure she's comfortable. I've even hired her a live in nurse to be here with her while I'm at work.

She fought me on the live in nurse thing but I insisted. The nurse would be here tonight.

I felt ill knowing the cancer had come back and was spreading rapidly. The doctors made it clear that my mother is dying and that is one fucking hard pill for me to swallow.

My brothers and I have tried to be positive through all this but I'm the oldest. So when they fall apart and break down over this I am the one who has to stand tall and be there for everyone.

I can't show weakness.

I can't show how much this is messing me up.

My girlfriend tries to be here for me but she's already been through a lot of shit and I can't be weak in front of her. I have to be her protector. I have to keep putting on a brave face to get through this.

I was living in New York up until about three months ago. I recently moved back to Atlanta full time because my company opened up an office out here and my boss put in a good word and got me a great promotion to relocate.

It was perfect.

I was finally back in the same state as my girlfriend and my mother.

Three months ago my mother hadn't told me about the cancer coming back and having spread.

I found this out all about a few weeks ago.

We were at my girlfriend's nephew's birthday party and my mother fainted.

She was rushed to the hospital where I was by her side.

That's when I found out my mother was living on borrowed time.

That's when I made the decision to have her come move into the house I bought.

The house I purchased was a decent size.

It's a two story home with four bedrooms. There are four bathrooms and an office. There is a nice sized kitchen and backyard. I even have a pool and hot tub.

It's my starter home. I planned on having my forever home once my girlfriend finally decides to move in with me.

My girlfriend Cecilia and I have been together going on two years now.

We've known each other since we were kids but we didn't become a thing until we were way older.

I mean I feel like I've always had feelings for her. But the timing was never right.

Finally the timing became right and I told her how I felt and we've managed to make our long distance relationship work.

Early on in our relationship I asked her to move out to New York with me and come live with me.

At that time she said no.

Cecilia had been in some pretty bad relationships and just didn't want to rush things.

I understood and didn't pressure her.

So I stayed in New York and kept working while flying back and forth between New York and Atlanta. At that time my mother had been in remission and I thought things were looking up.

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