alone this time of year/where are you christmas

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To those who read this: yes, I know this is a book of poetry and I shouldn't do this, but I really wanted to also write a letter to you guys because, if anyone else feels this way right now, trust me, you are not alone....

Dear Children of the World,

I wish to send you the best happiest christmas ever. I hope you all have a christmas tree or a menorah burning brightly tonight, a wish to reach fullfilment tomorrow, and I hope in your hearts you only feel the peace and content I know populates this world at Christmas. But, I know not everyone feels this way. I know that not everyone feels happy, that sometimes you just feel out of reach for peace.

Because, even though christmas is happy for the kids of this nation, I feel like the teenagers populating this earth feel as if it's more of an, obligation. With school, friends, grades, everything that goes with being a teenager, it doesn't stop for this time of year like it does for those younger than us.

 Where are you christmas? I miss you so much.

I miss what it used to feel like. The thrill of opening presents, eating chocolate, reading the new christmas books I got. Now, I dont' want anything, and I feel sad to know that I'm growing up. But, I feel bad for those who have less, who can't afford presents and a tree. I think... I think this Christmas is all about....

Giving back.....

Merry Christmas children of the world. From my heart to yours.


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