I was your friend

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It took forever

To get where we are

And now that we're here

We're drifting apart

Like two friends lost in their own worlds

You keep saying these words

That mean nothing to me

I smile and wave

But you pretend not to see

Is it my character, that you find best to ignore

M face, my smile, the way I adore

What you do, what you write

Why can't you see

That I am best, just being me

I wish you would talk to me

Tell me what I did wrong

Instead of making me cry

And think of sad songs

I was your rebound

I realize this now

And, in some sort of way

I feel sort of proud

I know now, that I am better

Than who I was upon meeting you

And now I will leave

With one last regret

That I couldn't prove to you

That I was your friend

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