One sided love

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You tell me of your love

She should be happy to have a boy so in love

You've lived your life oblvious

I know the world can move on for you

But for me it has frozen

When she walks away

I will still be by your side

Yet you never saw me

You've lived oblivious to me

I've reached out, you seem interested

But I've pulled away

Going 'round and round in circles

You seem confused, you can't understand

Why the girl you believed a friend

Suddenly turned away, wont look you in the eye

All you've done is made me afraid of falling

We've run in different circles, we've lived our lives different ways

A spark sailed between us

Something connects us, somehow, someway

Yet I pull away

And I cut all connection off

I've seen now how hard I've fallen

Because no one was there to catch me

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