Abandoned with a curse 4

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Chapter 4

Abandoned with a curse


The subway train buzzing as it came to a slow stop, I looked up and I was downtown, okay it's a start, right?

I gathered myself and shook, then I stood up and followed the traffic of people, after dodging people playing guitar and drums, and people begging for money, I walked up stairs and emerged into bright sunlight, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, but not two seconds later, the wave of people started to push, and I had no choice but to start walking with the traffic again. I came up to a traffic light, and when it was my turn to walk, I slowly started to walk, passing shop after shop, I caught glimpses of myself, and I was still amazed of how different I looked, not the little, weak girl I was a couple days ago.

Okay, I'm on my own; I have 150 in my pocket, a new identity, nobody I know, and downtown.

I have to make new friends I thought, yea. Only if it was that easy.

I looked up when I came to a building that stood out, like popped out from all the other blue plain buildings towering around it, it was only two stories, it has bright purple paint covering it with it slightly unpeeling, purple window frames, a purple door, my kind of building I thought, I looked over it and I saw a sign that said were open, but it covered the whole window, and the window was pretty big,

I walked up to it, and when I squinted into the other tiny window, when  a pair of violet eyes looked back at me, startled I jumped back, then I heard a couple of locks unlocking, I started to back up, then a boy around 14 came out, and looked at me like I was some kind of experiment.

Finally I broke the silence

"Hi" I said, I even lifted my hand to wave

"Hello, come on in" he said as he turned on his heel and went back into the store, not even checking if I was following him.

I looked back at the flow of people, I could just step back a couple of feet and I would be lost in it again, I started to shuffle back, but something stopped me, this guy had violet eyes, I have violet eyes and so far, I never met anybody like that, it was almost like something was pulling, I took a deep breath and thought I need some answers, and stepped through the door,

I blinked, it was dark in here and it smelt like cinnamon, but my eyes adjusted in seconds, I looked around, everything was pretty much the same as any lobby, and purple. I was alone in the lobby, I listened and I could hear at least four people whispering on the other side of the curtain that was hanging in a door way, leading to somewhere deeper in the building.

I walked toward the mysterious curtain, changing only enough to let my claws come out of my fingers, just in case somebody tries to try anything.

"Hello?" I said hearing it echo

I stepped over a couple thick books that looked seriously old and I reached my hand toward the curtain just as I was about to open it,  a strong hand grabbed it and pulled me inside.


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