Abandoned with a curse 7

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Everything seemed to go in slow motion for what seemed like years, but I knew it was only seconds

I pushed the curtain aside; Matthew and Sarah were glancing in the other direction of the main door,

When I saw I felt like crying, like running up to them and hugging them

But I knew I could never do that

I sprung back and landing like a ninja, crouched down with one leg out.

"Hello?" Matthew called out

I bit my tongue and started to run toward the kitchen

"Oh my god, Matthew and Sarah are here! What are we going to do?!" I whispered fiercely

Sam and Jessica's head whipped around, Jess with a shocked expression and Sam with pancakes hanging out of his mouth

"What?!" he whispered as he swallowed his pancakes

"There outside!" I yelled as quietly as I could

"So?" Nick said coming down the stairs

"Do not get on my nerves, Nick" I said narrowing my eyes

"Yea, so what? You aged 4 years, different hair, amazing body" Rick finished his sentence, but on the last part his eyes raked over my body

"Oh, Grow up" I replied, disgusted          

Like come on! He's like a brother to me

"Hello?" Matthew yelled again

All are head turned to the curtain

I took a deep breath and finally caved in

"Fine! I'll do it, but if this thing blows up, it's on your asses" I said, letting acid drip in my words

I turned on my heel and went through the hallway and stopped at the curtain

Get a hold of yourself! You act if they'll recognize you, they never will, they think you ran away or got kidnapped or something, you're not scared!

Then why are you still standing there?   Asked a little voice in my head

I cursed under my breath and went through the curtain.

"Hello, Welcome to La bruja púrpura"

I said in my happy voice as I went behind the counter and leaned on one side]

"How may I be at your service?" I said as I finished my sentence

Avoiding their eyes all the time

"I would like to hang up this poster" he said as he handed me a purple poster

"It's about our Daughter, who Went when missing about 4 years ago, were not going to give up until we find her, or so we could put her to rest" Matthew sighed

"Olivia" Sarah whispered

I left my head at my name, automatically of course

My eyes met with Sarah's and I saw a spark of reorganization

I looked back down,

"That's her name, Olivia" Sarah whispered softly

"Uh, she's very pretty, her eyes are cool" I said mostly to my self

"You have the same eyes as her" Sarah said walking closer

"No I don't, that's a very unusual color, I wish I did" I said as I turned around and pretended that the book on the shelf was interesting

"Honey, could you look at me please?" Sarah said now leaning on the other side of the counter

I closed my eyes and gave a pulse of energy to change my eye color, light green with gold specs

I looked up and watched Sarah Examine my face.

She was trying to dig down to who I really was.

 Mom, I missed you

I was about to run around hug her, but then of course I panicked and called Jessica

"Hello!" Jessica yelled making an entrance

Matthew and Sarah turned and I sank to the floor

"What may I help you with?, we have ancient herbs, lovely special candles...."

I tuned her out and started to take deep breaths, I almost cracked, I almost ruined what I worked so hard to make.

I slipped out from the counter, Jess what still talking to them I ran to the curtain and didn't stop till I was in my room

I slammed the door shut and jumped on my bed

I bought my knees to my chest and started to cry, like I never cried before

                There was a knock on my door, but I ignored it, my eyes were puffy and my nose was red, I glanced at my cell phone, I didn't keep my promise to Riley, but I have to keep my promised to Sam.

Some promised are meant to be broken

I reached over and punched in Riley's number hoping with all my heart that she would pick up




"Hello?" Asked a sleepy voice


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por favor!

i would just like to point out that, landing like a ninja was probaly kind of re-tared but, i didntknow what else jumped up and landing like well, a ninjia :)

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