Abandoned with a curse 6

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Chapter 6

Abandoned with a curse

My heart felt like it was in my throat, blood pounding in my ears.

Oh God! I'm not going to die here; I make this whole city come crashing down before I do.

I stared at them, all while I was building energy if one of them tried anything; the energy was literally bubbling trying to find a way out, I turned it down a little.

"Olivia, were not going to hurt you" Jessica said while putting her hand toward me, as if trying to sooth me.

Wide eyed I look at their faces again, they looked calm and worried, I stared hard into Sam's eyes, and he wore the same expression

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, forcing the energy to hide, it didn't like that.

I opened my eyes again and they were all staring at me, like we were having a staring contest

"Well, I just thought that you should know that we all had our faces on the paper" Sam said softly finally breaking the tension

"Yeah, parents gone with the wind, after what we had became, were not a mix like you, were all witches, but Sam thinks the guys should be called warlocks" Jessica said well putting brackets on the last word in the air, making me giggle

"You see, I was born human, but when I turned 12 boom" she said as she smacked her hands together "witch"

"Yea, us too, I mean we were always warlocks, but my mom and dad died in a car crash, then we found these two" Nick added, with a smile

"Witch" Jessica put in trying to hide it with a cough

"Warlock" Nick and Rick said together

"Witch" Jessica said louder as she stepped closer, not trying to hide it now.

I stood back and watched all of them, fighting just like siblings would, even Sam jumped in, but in the end, and they were both laughing, and agreed on calling them witches and warlocks

------- one hour later

We were all lounging on chairs in the back room, with a whole coffee table over flowing with sugary sweetness

"So what did you guys do to get out on the night peoples hit list?" I said as I tried to throw a piece of candy into my mouth, but failed, it rolled on the floor

"It's what we didn't do" Nick said as he grabbed a hand full of gummy bears and shoved them in his mouth

I raised an eyebrow at him, not following

"When our parents died, the night people wanted us to go withthem, to became- whatever night people become, being Naïve and young, I took off, making Nick follow, then cause our power is strong, nothing like your of course, but still a danger used untrained, the night people vowed to kill us" Rick said as he bent over to a handful of smarties and shoving them into his mouth

"which makes us probably 3rd on there "hit list" but nothing like those two over there" Nick said laughing as he grabbed a couple of marshmallows

I was lying in an arm chair, so I just bent my head backward to look at Sam and Jessica

Jessica was picking at a marshmallow, and Sam had 3 different kinds of candy in his mouth

"What did you guys do?" I said and gave up looking at them upside down and got up in my chair so I was sitting right

Sam and Jessica looked at each other, and then started to laugh

"What?" I said as I grabbed a candy cane

"We can't tell you, we have a spell on us, but we will never forget, you see when we were young and the nigh-"he started to talk but then cut off

I looked at them  with my eyebrows raised

"The nigh-"Jessica put in trying to finish were Sam stopped

"I'm sorry, we can't, I want to tell you, but I can't, let's just say it was very bad" Sam said

"okay, well I ran away, from home, Matthew and Sarah, they were my adopted parents, and they were awesome, I don't want to go back, my birth mother abandoned me when I was 5, I can turn into a panther, and I'm a witch, I left behind my whole life, my school, my friends" I said, as I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks

Everybody got up and came walking slowly toward me

Then they pulled me up and gave me a hug, all of them, like a group hug

This is what I wanted I realized, a family, I closed my eyes and snuggled closer.

                    As the years past, I keep wondering what that story that Sam could not tell was, or Jessica

I saw my face, from 7th grade posted all over the town, on news cast, it broke my heart when Matthew and Sarah talked on the news, saying who ever had their little girl bring her home.

 I stayed in my room for two days after that aired I was so upset and angry.

There were a couple of scares of the night people, making us lie low for a while

But it was an awesome 4 years here, I could say that.

             "Olivia" somebody said, I rolled over in my bed and threw the blankets over my head trying to tune out the voice

"Olivia!" that voice yelled in my ear.

Making me jump, which I landed on the floor, "ow" I said still sleepy

Then I heard Sam start to laugh

"Oh, shut it, before I through you on the floor" I said as I was getting up more awake

"I would like to see you try little Olive" Sam said mocking my name

"That's it!" I said as I took off toward him

He ran down stairs laughing and yelling, me right on his heels

We were trying to zip by Jessica, but she slammed the door shut with a little burst of energy, Making Sam slam into it, I was about to laugh, but then I was wearing slippery socks, I ran into Sam, then on my bum again, Sam fell down right after me, he would have landed on me, if I didn't roll out of the way the way last second, I heard a thud when he hit the floor.

I got on top of him, my knees pressing into his chest; I bent to his ear, and whispered

"The Taller they are, the harder they fall" then I smacked his side of his head

"Ow" he said as he jumped up

I went to go and sit down in the kitchen, we still lived in the store but we reinvaded it.

Jessica slid us a pile of pancakes "and you guys grow up, you're 16 for crying out loud almost 17"

I grabbed three while I looked at Jessica and smiled then I looked at Sam, he grabbed eight pancakes

"Holy crap, are you going to share those with the whole city?" I said as I lightly punched him

"No" he said as he shoved them in his mouth

I laughed as I cut my up and ate

                After I was done, I asked were Nick and Rick were, Sam said they were still sleeping, I envied them.

Just I was downing a cup of orange juice, the bell that hung on the door to let us know if somebody walked in, rang

"I'll get it" I said as I jumped off the stool, combing my hair with my fingers the best as i could, just as I was about to go through the curtain, i stopped dead in my tracks, I heard the voices of people I would never forget.

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