Abandoned with a curse 3

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Chapter 3

Abandoned with a curse

The feel of my hair falling to the ground beneath this chair, freaked me out to be honest, I closed my eyes and held my breath, my hair was like my security blanket, but now it will just be gone, and short.

          After 10 minutes, I was heading to the sinks to dye my hair, all while Riley was jumping up and down, saying that how my new hair pops out my eyes and face, my high cheek bones, full lips and waxed eyebrow, which were starting to turn red and burn.

          The smell of the hair dye being smashed and rubbed into my hair it smelt like gas and other disgusting chemicals, and this reminded me about why I never wanted to dye my hair in the past.

          Finally about one hour later, I walked out of the salon with white blonde hair, cut to the length of my shoulder, waxed eyebrows and I ended up getting my ears pierced, I know

Riley and I walked a couple blocks to a restaurant we were seated by a cute boy with a nose piercing, I ordered a grilled cheese with poutine, and Riley ordered a double cheese burger with curly fries, we can eat.

I thought for a minute as I was drowning my plate with ketchup about what I'm going to do next, I could go to New York and start a life there, or just go to the next state. We lived in Las Vegas, so my options were weighted heavily.

I grabbed my grilled cheese and dunked it in ketchup and ate and chewed before I talked

"So what's next? Like I got the new look, new clothes, new personality, everything I need to start a new life, do I just disappear now? Like, just go?" I said pleading her with my eyes for an honest answer.

"I think that will be for the best, *sniffle* like your parents are going to report you missing to the police, and there will be looking for you, and there will be your name and face all over the news and newspapers, I think u might just have to." She said looking up tears flowing down her small face.

"Oh Riley don't cry" I said as I got from out of the booth to hug her, we stood there for a couple of seconds and then I went to go and sit back down

"Look" I said as I grabbed her hand "I'll always be in touch, when you went to go and get that shirt at the mall I went to go and get this" I said as I reached into my pocket to show her my new i-phone

"See, we will be always talking ,always sharing, and I'll show you pictures of places I am and went and everything." I said almost crying too.

"o..k..a.y" she said through hiccups

"Riley, I have to go the bus leaving to New York is going to leave soon" I said finally making up my mind

"Okay, were like sisters, okay remember that, never forget me whatever you do" she said as she got out to hug me on more time,

"I wish I didn't have to leave" I said as I pulled away

"bye" I said as I grabbed her shoulders "be good" I laughed and so did she

"bye" she said as she was putting one hand over my hand

I hug her one more time and took off, not looking back, I didn't stop till I was a good mile away and running down to the subways, the truth is that I didn't know if there was even a bus to new York today, but I had to get away from Riley before I changed my mind. I was waiting for the train on the plat form when train shook the whole underground coming full blast toward me, it started to slow down and when it stopped I jumped on not knowing where it was going, just that I had to go somewhere besides here. I sat down and looked out the window, the scenery was pasting at blurring speeds, and I closed my eyes wishing I was a normal kid, not a witch and a shape-shifter.


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