Chapter 1 - Growing Pains

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From 1.01 - Pilot: Outside the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan jumped off of the roof.

Stefan: (voice over) "Mystic Falls."

From 3.13 - Bringing Out the Dead: In the woods, Nathan, Nicola, Kaylin, Damon and Stefan walked toward the Lockwood Cellar.

Damon: (voice over) "Our family was born here."

From 2.01 - The Return: On the Lockwood Lawn, Nicola raised her arms in an expressive shrug, turning around, walking away, leaving.

Nathan, Damon, Stefan and Kaylin watched her go, surprised and slightly awed by her compassion.

Kaylin: (voice over) "This is our family's home."

From 3.14 - Dangerous Liaisons: In Kassandra's Mansion's ballroom, In the first row, Damon and Elena were in the front. Stefan and Alex were behind them. Nathan and Gabriella were behind them. Cristian and Liv were behind them. Jack and Ashley were behind them. Justin and Lindsey were behind them. A man and Kacie were behind them. In another row next to the first one, Klaus and Kaylin were in front. Elijah and Nicola were behind them. Kol and Eliza were behind them. Evan and Charlotte were behind them. Luke and Dawn were behind them. Matt and Rebekah were behind them. A man and Ingrid were behind them. A man and Kassandra were behind them.

Nathan: (voice over) "And not just ours."

From 3.21 - Before Sunset: In the Gilbert kitchen, Jeremy, Ashley, Elena and Liv pulled Alex and Gabriella into their arms for an embrace in utter relief.

Liv: (voice over) "Ours, too."

From 3.07 - Ghost World: In Town Square, Cristian, Charlotte, Jack, Anna and Pearl were embracing before Anna and Pearl disappeared to move on.

Cristian: (voice over) "And ours."

From 3.22 - The Departed: In the Lockwood Cellar, Kacie, Dawn and Tyler embraced, crying.

Kacie: (voice over) "And ours."

From 2.22 - As I Lay Dying: In the Grill, Eliza, Caroline and Liz embraced.

Caroline: (voice over) "And ours."

From 3.18 - Murder of One: Outside Kassandra's Mansion, Bonnie and Lindsey embraced, crying.

Lindsey: (voice over) "And ours."

From 3.19 - Heart of Darkness: In the field on the mountain range, Luke and Ryan embraced.

Luke: (voice over) "And ours."

From 3.14 - Dangerous Liaisons: In Kassandra's Mansion, on the staircase at the ball, Finn, Kol, Rebekah, Kassandra, Evan, Elijah, Ingrid, Dawn and Klaus stood on the staircase.

Kassandra: (voice over) "And ours."

From 3.08 - Ordinary People: In flashback, Rebekah, Kassandra, Henrik and Luna were running through the woods.

Nicola: (voice over) "For centuries, supernatural creatures have lived among us."

From 2.21 - The Sun Also Rises: At Steven's Quarry, Liv was trapped in a circle of fire. She slowly shook her head, her eyes turning red and the dark veins of hunger creeping toward her eyes.

Jack: (voice over) "There are vampires."

From 3.19 - Heart of Darkness: In the mountain range, Luke transformed as a hybrid to fight against Ryan, Malik, Charlotte, Jack and Justin. Ryan let his eyes glow gold.

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