Snapchat Demon

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Has some swearing. Around 1159 words. Not real at all either.

I grabbed my phone to see a snapchat notification had popped up. I instinctively typed in my six letter password and opened up the app. My only trustworthy friend Bailee had messaged me, everyone else I seemed to connect with just wants to copy my homework.

'Hey, hope you're up for a pizza. I've ordered some.'

A smiled plastered itself on my face, she knows exactly how to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day.

'Of course I do, thanks.' I replied with ease.

My thumb gently press the phone screen, right where my message was so I can save it. Confusion took over my smile, the message has disappeared. I shook my head and done what any sane person would do, rewrite it. Once sent I tapped on it once more.


"What the actual fuck." I mutter quietly to myself. I done it a few more times, all ending up disappearing. She'll be over with the takeaway whether I like it or not anyway.

I turned off my phone and placed it on my bedside table, and proceeded to watch Netflix on my television. After about ten minutes, a yawn escaped my lips. This caused me to roll over and shut my eyes. She had the key to get into the house.

Once I awake from my slumber, I checked the time on my phone. 2:09am. I swear to god if she ate the pizza without me, there will be war. I unlocked my phone to see I had a friend request and a message from my friend. I accepted the request, not bothering to check who it was, and opened the chat with Bailee.

'Hey, you there?'
'I've knocked on the door but you didn't answer.'
'I would just walk in but I left my keys at home.'
'This isnt funny Jaz, the pizza is getting cold.' - 1:01am

'Fuck, you need to let me in now.'
'Quit joking around, this guy is messaging me that he sees me.' - 1:02am

'He sent me a picture of me outside your door.'
'Jaz please hurry, I'm getting creeped out.' - 1:05am

'If you dont answer I'm calling the police, hes sending me pictures of me but everyone is closer than the last.' -1:07am

My heart dropped, the last message was over an hour ago. Questions swam around in my head. Was she okay? Is she alive? Did she save me any pizza? What happed to her?

I messaged her a simple 'You okay? Sorry I was asleep.' Before going off our text conversation and looking at the person who messaged me during my panic.


Damn, is this person alright in the head. Who names there account that. A smile made it's way on my face as I tapped his name.

'Your friend is mine, the only way to save her is to sacrifice yourself.' I let my eyes roll at this, smile still planted on me. Who actually would believe this. I replied with a 'Mhm, if you say so' before going off snapchat.

I typed in my friends number to call her, only for it to go straight to voicemail. I sighed at this before looking at a new notification from that demon guy. 'Look out the window.' As soon as the words left my lips, the sound of a pebble hitting glass filled my ears.

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