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No swearing what so ever.
I had to do a short story about an abandoned place for a college course I'm doing. So I chose an abandoned school. I done this last minute, had three hours to do so, so it's quite rushed.

I looked out the window of my car, it was slightly dirty but I could still see through it. My eyes danced around the sight in front of me, a building was barely standing. All of its windows and doors were boarded up with dark brown wood, but one. It was a small window on the first story, glass still laid on the window sill with traces of blood. Some people were unfortunate enough to not notice it was there.

I turned of the engine before grabbing my phone out my bag, and swinging the backpack around my shoulder. My fingers gripped the car handle, pushing the black door open. I easily stepped out into the daylight, stretching my arms above my head. Oh it felt nice being out of the car from a four hour drive.

My foot pushed the door shut, causing me to press a button on my car keys and throw them in my bag. I wondered toward the school, the only sound being my shoes crushing against the pebbles and the wind blowing the leaves.

As soon as I was by the window, I covered my hand with my cotton hoddie sleeve so I could wipe the glass onto the grass. When I was positive there was no trace of the sharp object, I swung my bag into the room before going feet first. I could barely fit through myself, although I managed. 

My feet touched the wooden boards of a classroom with little effort, and my eyes glided across the room to take it all in. Small tables sat perfectly aligned with chairs still pushed in behind them. They were all painted random colours of the rainbow, although the wood was chipping away causing you to be able to see the light wood under it. Pencils and paper still sat ontop of the surface, waiting for the day it will be used again.

On the other side of the room, children's toys laid. There were stuffed teddies in a baby blue basket that rested in the corner, besides it a pink a green doll house. In the other corner, an open box was filled to the brim with drawing supplies. Pens and pencils a like. The box was once a neon yellow colour, but now it was faded and pale from no one caring for it.

At the front of the room was a desk, clearly for a teacher. It was a dule green with flowers coloured on it. Homework still on the desk, half marked. It was also decorated with rocks, coloured in by the children. One had stars drawn over it, another had rainbows. Along the walls were drawing hung up, names written in the corner but not readable due to how old it was. Paper chains were stuck to the ceiling, some of the sides were barely hanging on; looks as though they were going to collapse any second. The paper chains weren't the only thing, snowflakes made from the same resource was also attached to the flaky paint.

I tore my eyes away from the room as I picked my backpack up, securing around both shoulders. After having one last good look at the room, I proceeded to exit it through the bright blue door. Upon noticing how dark it is, I turned on my phone and pressed the flashlight button. The hallway immediately lit up, the doors and numbers seeming to stand out.

After making sure there was no one lurking in the corridor, I stepped completely out the safety of the classroom. My instincts were begging at me to go back into the natural light, for reasons unknown, but I ignored them and started walking to the next room. There was a soft carpet under me, an ugly purple colour but it was better then plain wood. Spiders sat calmly in their cobwebs they made out silk, completely oblivious to me walking underneath them.

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