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The cold air hit Arwen's face as she walked the streets of Detroit, hands in her pockets and keeping an eye out for anything. She looked at her phone for the time and shook her head. She wanted action. She craved it more than ever with how boring the streets have became.

" 'scuse me ms?" A quiet voice asked while pulling at the bottom of Arwen's jacket. "Oh hi. Yes?" She smiled small at the little boy. "Could you spare a couple bucks for my friends and I?" He asked pointing to a group of kids in a corner. "Of course. I understand how hard it is.." she sighed handing the boy $20 and watched as his face lit up with happiness. "Thank you so much ma'am!" He smiled rushing back to his friends.

Arwen smiled to herself and kept walking. She walked past an alleyway and heard the screams of a young girl come from the darkness. Finally, Arwen thought to herself, dashing into the dark to find a couple men cornering a younger girl. "Leave her alone. Can't you see she's not interested in whatever you want?" She spoke crossing her arms. "Beat it chick." One of the bigger men scoffed.

"No we're ok. Now leave her alone." A voice said from beside Arwen. She turned and saw her friend / partner sitting on a trash can with a smirk. "Looks like we gotta teach you both to not mess business." A bulky man smirked, cracking his knuckles while approaching the duo with his little gang in tow. "Guess so!" Lily, Arwen's friend, smiled getting ready for a fight.

Arwen flicked her hands towards some guys in the back causing them to fall back and the others to turn to see what happened leaving them open for Lily to attack. She watched as the blonde girl ran and kicked one in the back while blocking and delivering punches. Arwen dashed over and swung on the bulky man from earlier who was about to hit Lily.

"Do your thing!" Lily shouted throwing a guy in the air while Arwen froze his arms to the brick wall behind him. When the crowd of men where out cold on the pavement they checked up on the lady they were trying to attack.

"Are you ok?" Arwen asked the girl who was still shaken up. "Y-yea...thank you. " She smiled. "No worries! Now get home safely." Lily smiled watching the girl walk away. "You messed up." The guy still frozen to the wall hissed. "Shut up." Arwen rolled her eyes, listening to the police sirens get closer.

She frantically looked around and saw a fire escape on the side of one of the buildings, "this way!" Arwen jumped and climbed as fast as she could, Lily following. "Hey! Get back here!" A male voice shouted. She looked down and saw someone coming after her. "Gotta catch us first!" She called back, pulling herself up onto the roof, watching her friend hop up with ease, and began running for it.

"Police! Stop!" He shouted continuing to chase the females. She looked behind and saw him inching closer, she formed an ice walkway to cross over to the next building and smiled as she thought he would've fallen. Before Arwen knew it she was on the ground. "Get the fuck off me!" She shouted, kicking and punching the man in the chest. Lily attempted to kick him off but he caught her foot and shoved her away.

"Calm down I'm not here to arrest you! I'm trying to take you for questioning!" He shouted back holding her wrists. Silence fell over the pair as she looked up at him then around them. "That's all you had to say..." she scoffed pulling her arms away and pushing the man off her. Arwen walked over to help her friend who wiped her pants off and glared at the man. "Come on." He said as they followed him back down to the group of police officers.

"Gave you a workout huh Grayson?" An officer chuckled looking at the duo behind. "Get in." He ordered. Arwen got into the car and Lily shuffled in after. "Get in." Lily mocked causing Arwen to smile.


"Ok so I'm Detective Grayson, what are your names?" He asked softly, tapping his pen on his notepad. "I'm Lily and this is Arwen. So why are we here?" Lily snapped earning a nudge from Arwen. "What happened in the alley? Why did you start a fight with the men?" He asked. "They started with us. We were trying to help a young lady they were trying to hurt." Arwen calmly explained. "And the ice...what's up with that?" He questioned with interest. "A power I was born with... I don't see how that's important though."

Before he could answer he saw a fellow officer walking with a young girl. "Wait here." He said rushing out of the room. "What's that about?" Lily wondered out loud, fixing her hair. Arwen didn't respond, only walked to the door and take a look. She turned back to see her friend holding her head painfully, "what's wrong?" She asked rushing over to her friend. "She...the girl...Arwen she needs help!" Lily gasped rushing to the door and running out.

"What? Wait up!" Arwen yelled following her panicked friend through the police department.

A/n: this is kinda boring I know but I promise it'll get better? Hopefully. Anyways this book Will follow the titans story line with minor changes for example this part so yea!

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