Character Description

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Name: (y/n) (l/n)

Age: looks to be 17

Eye color: (e/c)

Hair color: (h/c)

Height: 5'3

Race: Unknown

Sacred Treasure: Azrael. It's a sacred gear gifted to her by the King himself. This weapon is different from the others because it picks who it wants to wield it. Anyone who isn't worthy will be left dead in a matter of minutes if they wield her weapon. It originally appears in the form of sword but it can change its form to any weapon the wielded chooses.

Ability: She has two pairs of wings which gives her the ability to fly. She has also been gifted with magical abilities like complete control of the elements and healing powers. She is gifted with hand to hand combat and weapons. She can fight a sword, two sword style, a spear, a hammer, a bow and arrow, and daggers.

Power level(normal): about 6 thousands but that changes throughout the story and can fluctuate due to her emotions.

Parents: Dead

Past: Unknown

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