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     "Prince Harry it's rime to wake! The ceremony is in a week and you need to train to find your husband or husbands!" A voice called through the door.

     "Don't worry Daisy,  I'm up." Harry said, opening the door and smiling down at the short girl.

     "Where's your brother?" Harry whispered, wanting to know where his best freind was.

     "Louis is comforting phoebe from yesterday. She didnt mean to do what she did!" Daisy whines. Harry let out a chuckle and patted her head.

     "That's mighty fine, Daze." Harry smiled, bending to her height. "You go play with your sisters, I'll go have the maids do more chores, caught them forcing you to do things you can't yet." Harry mumbles, letting Daisy go off and play.

     He walked dowm to the servants quaters, walking into Louis' room and watching him comfort his crying sister.

     "What happened this time?" Harry sighed.

     "The fucking maids screamed at my youngest sister because she accidently knocked over the bag of leaves we were raking." Louis hissed, rocking his sister back and forth.

     "Oh phoebe..." Harry sat beside her.

      "I didn't mean to, prince!" Phoebe cried.

      Harry chuckled. "I know babe, don't worry about it."

     "Are you going to leave us?" Phoebe cried.

     "After the ceremony?  No way." Harry smiled.


     "Marcel! Time to wake up. We need to get to work."

     Marcel let out a groan but got up anyways. "Mother, I do not see why I should get up this morning." Marcel sighed, walking to the door and unlocking it.

      "Because!" Anne laughed, her voice full of cheer.

     "Bacause what mummy?" Marcel groaned.

     "Because my son was chosen to be in the ceremony!" Anne cheered, causing Marcel to choke on air.

     "W-What? Mother how is this good news?" Marcel cried.

     "Because you will be given to the right man." Anne smiled sadly. "My baby is growing up..."

     "Mummy... this isn't good news. I can't leave you. You're sick." Marcel whispered.

     "If you go, I'll try to get better." Anne whispered. "No need to care for an old woman like me." She smiled. "Now... go read some books."

     Marcel sighed amd walked uo the stairs.


     "Wake up you god damn sluts!" Mr. Mans voice rings through the room. "One of you whores are going to be chosen for the ceremony and I don't want you to go to waste." He huffed.

     Edward let out a little huff, standing up to get some water.

     "What the hell do you think you're doing slut."

     "Getting a glass of water." Edward hisses.

     "Fuck no." Edward was pushed onto his knees. "Today you don't get a day off. Everyone else gets a day off while you can go get fucked by everyone elses appointments."

     Oh hell no.

     "Sorry, Mr. Man." Edward mumbled.

     "Yeah you bettet be sorry, get your ass in there and start the show." The man cackled evily, blowing a kiss to edward.

       Edward hissed, walking into the room he was called to. Taking off the robe he was wearjng slowly.

Get it over with.

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