The Beginning

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A little note, so in case you didn't know (Y/H/C) means 'Your hair color' and (Y/H/L) means 'Your hair length.' And when you read the sentence just add that. So, a example would be, 'Her short brown hair flowed in the wind.' Now that is all. I hope that will fix any confusion that you guys could have when you get to the part of the story. Anyway, bye!

The waves roll, the dolphins jump above the water, and a ship sailing across the ocean waves. On that ship was a crew of sailers. Who were doing their jobs as they were told to and they were also singing a song, a song that seemed to be older then some of them. The person controlling this ship was at the ships wheel. They weren't exactly a captain and they definitely were no pirate. Instead, standing at the wheel, was a Princess, who was known for begin more of a tomboy and loving the waves.

She watched over the sailers, a giant smile on her face, a hand on her hip, and a hand on a wheel. Now, most people would think this isn't where a Princess would be and wouldn't she be wearing a dress? How is this ship a great place for a dress? Well, that is a simple question to answer, she isn't wearing one. She is wearing a pair of pants, black boots, and a white shirt that fit her perfectly.

((Like Eric's outfit in the movie, just a bit more feminine looking.))

"Isn't this great, Shinso?" The girl asks as she looks over to see her companion, a boy with purplish, spiked up hair. He is also wearing a suit, it wasn't to fancy as they were out at sea, but he made sure to wear a suit, even though the princess told him not to. Anyway, Shinso was leaning over the boat and.....throwing up, "N-not sure I call this g-great." He responds, puking not long after his response.

The girl chuckles, "What do you mean, Shinso? This is great! The fresh salty air, the waves crashing, and lets not forget the wind blowing right into our faces!" She says as a greenish looking dog jumped up and barked happily, "I knew you would understand, Izuku!" She says as she let go of the wheel and pets her dear friend. After a few moments she turns back to the wheel, watching some sailers pull on nets to pull up fish and some pulled on the ropes to fix the sails, as the wind was a bit strong, but for any sailer this was a perfect day to be out at sea.

She heard one sailer talking about mermaids to a few other sailers , 'Mermaids?' She thought to herself. The girl decides to go ask the sailer about mermaids, as she has never heard of them, so it caught her interest. The girl got another sailer to take the wheel and she went down to the deck to get to the sailer who was talking about the mermaids. She called out to them, once she made it closer to them, the sailers obviously turned their head to look at the princess. Her (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) flowed in the wind, her (E/C) eyes were full of curiosity, and the smile on her face caused the sailers to smile right back.

"Hello Princess (Y/N)." The sailer, who was talking about the mermaids, responded respectfully, "What can we help you with?" (Y/N) shook her head, sighed, and looked back at the sailer.

"Well one, don't call me Princess. And secondly, could you tell me more about mermaids?" She asked, wanting to know more about them. The sailer laughed, nodded, and started to tell (Y/N) about the mermaids. Each story or rumor she was told, her curiosity grew more. Soon, Shinso came down to the deck and walked over to them. He rolled his eyes, "Mermaids?" He questions, (Y/N) and the sailors turned to look at him when he speaks, "There are no such things! (Y/N) ignore them, they are telling you nonsense." Shinso says, not liking what they are telling the princess.

One of the sailers got slightly mad and got up, starting to walk towards Shinso, "They are real!" Shinso back up, and the man grabs a fish from the net as he walked past it, pushing it into Shinso face, "They live at the bottom of the ocean!" The fish got free and squirmed around on Shinso face for a moment, the fish's tail hitting his face as it tried to get away, the fish does get away. It goes over Shinso face and back into the water. The girl and the sailers laugh, while Shinso face turns slightly red. He looks away and walks off, tempted to use his quick to make that sailer jump off the ship. But he doesn't, after all he didn't know what the sailers quirks were and he didn't want to get them mad, so he just silently curses at him. (Y/N) looks up at the sky, wondering if mermaids could really be real.

As the girl goes back to during her work and teasing Shinso, the fish swims far away from the ship. As he swims, something swims under him, a male mermaid who was talking to other mermaids. They looked like they were going somewhere. The fish followed them and not long after they made it to a underwater castle. They swam in with other mermaids, but the fish didn't follow. The fish just looked at the castle and swam away.

Once, the mermaids made it in, it got loud, as they were hundreds of mermaid talking to one another, waiting for the event that the King was holding to take place.

The merfolk heard a trumpet, meaning the King was about to come in. They went quiet, a little seahorse came out and announced the King, "The King of the mermaids, The King of the seas, King Masaru!" The crowd cheers as the King swims out front a open door, dolphins swimming right beside him. Masaru is a middle-aged man or so he says, since he won't tell his real age. He has a black tail, short brown hair, a short mustache and rectangular glasses.

He waves to the crowd and swims to a balcony that had a chair and was perfect to see the show. Not long after he came out, another creature came out, once he was called out. He was a crab, a black grab with black eyes. He also wore a little scarf around his neck. He didn't get a standing ovation like the King, but they did clap for him, not that he really cared though.

He swam up to the king and said, "My King, the concert is ready." He says, which causes the King to smile brightly, "Fin-tastic! My friend Triton daughters and my son are going to sing together! I haven't heard him sing since..." The man went quiet as he thought about the death of his wife. He quickly shook his head, "I am sure this should help him love singing once again!" He says happily as he looks at the crab, "Don't you think so too, Aizawa?" The crab stays silent, choosing his next words carefully, "Of course I do sir...but don't be surprised if this doesn't go how you want it." He answers tiredly, not really wanting to be here, but he still showed up, even when he could of hid and slept somewhere. The King nodded knowing he was right.

After a few minutes, the concert began. Aizawa gets to the stand and picks up a baton and taps it on the stand. He swings it up and the music starts. Once, the music begin six girls come out and start to sing,

"Oh, we are the daughters of Triton! Great father who loves us and named us well!" Each girl took turns singing their names, "Aquata!" She spun around as she swam. "Adrena!" While, Adrena swam up and did a spin, the other girls did something similar to the first two, "Arista," she copied Adrena, but it more unique as she swam faster upwards and swam back down. "Adena," she copied Aquata, she spun around, but also did 'flips' in the water. "Adella," copied Adena and did 'flips.' "Alana," the last girl copied all her sisters, but made sure to add her own moves as well.

Once the girls finish, a orange shell starts to rise up, spinning in a circle, the girls start to sing together once again, "And then there is the youngest in his musical debut! The only child of the King! And we're presenting him to you! To sing a song Aizawa wrote! His voice is like a explosion! He is the Prince Of The-"

They stop and gasp when the shell opened as they didn't see the Prince in the shell, it was completely empty. Everyone eyes widen at the sight. Aizawa places his claw on his face and sighs, while the King clenches his fist out of angry, "Once that boy gets home...he is gonna get it.." He whispers as he gets up and swims out of the room. The mermaids left the castle feeling bad for the King. But a question stirs up in all their minds, where is the prince?

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