A Date With A Vampire (Short Reads)

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"I'm a vampire."

Wendy blinked at the text from her potential evening date. She had downloaded a dating app at her friends' urging, with a firm mental decision to not log in and to definitely not talk to any guy.

Of course, curiosity lured her in. What harm would it cause, anyway? Millions of girls were using it, and many of the matches never came to fruition. Now, as she read the text a second time, she seriously questioned herself. The first guy she talked to, he turned out to be crazy pants.

Time to back out, Wendy thought.

Right then, her phone vibrated, the notification indicating a new message from Tyke, the ex-potential crazy pants.

"I take it you didn't expect that. Probably think I'm crazy :) "Right.

Tyke was an interesting person. When his profile matched hers, his photos were what hooked her in. He had the face of a Greek god. Clear blue eyes, long eyelashes that girls would get envious of if they'd seen it on another girl's eyes, sharp cheekbones, and blonde hair. The charm was literally blasting off his photos, he'd beat the Hollywood actors for sure.

"Yeah! Are you hinting that you have a blood fetish or something?" 

She texted back, unable to resist. That guy couldn't be crazy! Her wishful brain didn't want him to be.

"Well, that comes with the territory," He instantly replied, his tone teasing.

She hesitated, the cursor blinking in the text box. From what she understood about Tyke, he wasn't someone who would prank a person. He'd been straightforward and blunt about all the things. They had talked about their past. His parents were dead when he was 10, shuffling from one foster home to next, his life was full of struggle. Why would he feel the need to lie?

Wishful thinking again, Wendy sighed.

She wanted to see how long he would continue the charade. Not everyone were themselves online. Catfishing is a major thing. Or maybe, just maybe he really is a vampire.

"Okay, I'll bite... Pun intended XD How did you become a vampire?"


"So this guy's a vampire?" Wendy's best friend, Prudence, guffawed as she scrolled down their texts, reading everything like a scientist would dissect with a microscope.

Wendy shrugged, throwing popcorn into her mouth. She had invited Prue over for a sleepover. She was the only person with whom she could share all the weird things and not fear her ridicule.

After Tyke's weird confession, they'd texted each other the entire night talking about Vampirism. Apparently, newly born vampires were super sensitive to sunlight, and with time, became impervious to it. They could survive on any species' blood, and all the myths of Garlic and Invitation to enter a house were false. He had jokingly added that there were some weaknesses which he wouldn't share.

"He talks like an old guy too, no short forms, proper English sentences... Kinda like you," Prue grinned at Wendy, "Are you sure you aren't a vampire?"

"I wasn't born in the 18th century," she mumbled, glaring at her friend, who was being a pain in the ass.

"And how do you know he was born in the 18th century? Come on, you know how easy it is for people to lie. He's playing you."

And yet, what if he wasn't? Wendy wondered wistfully. She knew her thoughts were jammed on that one thing, but she just couldn't help it. The first guy she had developed feelings for.

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