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We walked inside the kingdom that this spoiled princess is talking about as we made our way to the castle. Everyone glances at us with confusion and wariness as they walk pass us. We stopped at the stables as Geralt helped Anastasia off Roach. She clings to Geralt causing me to roll my eyes and tie Roach's leash on the bar before petting him gently.

"Stay." I told him as he answered me by breathing and digging some dirt on his hooves. I pat him and walked away to see Geralt looking at us.

"You talk to Roach." He asked and I nodded.

"Course, I understand animals."

"Cause your one of them." Anastasia smirks making me growl and step forward. Geralt stops me before I could get my hands dirty. I huffed and turned away walking towards the castle while both of them followed behind. Two guards stopped me as I sighed and crossed my arms.

"What is your business here?" The guard on the left and I turned around to see Geralt walking towards us along with a clinging Anastasia.

"We are here to bring the princess back." I told them and turned to face them. They turned to look at me before behind me then back at me. They motioned for us to follow which we did.

The guards stopped and opened the door for us which we walked inside and looked around. The castle is big, but I've seen better castles then this. I saw the guards whisper something before one of them left us.

"Stay here, the king and queen will be with you shortly." The guard tells us and left. We waited until we heard footsteps making us look up the stairs to see two people running down towards us.

"Anastasia." The queen calls her name and quickly Anastasia ran towards them.

"Thank you so much. We owe you our gratitude. You are?" The king asked looking at me as he held my hand.

"Devara." I told him pulling my hand away.

"This is Geralt." I motioned towards Geralt and bows slightly.

"The Witcher, it is a pleasure to meet you. Come, you must be starving." The king said and I shook my head and was about to say something when Anastasia response.

"We are, my stomach is killing me mother." She whines making me roll my eyes mentally. She ate a venison that is enough for her. I thought before crossing my arms.

"No, it's quite alright. We should be going now." I told them, but the Queen made her way towards me and gently grasp my hand.

"Please, we owe you a lot for finding our daughter. Stay for dinner." She insisted and I sigh softly taking my hand away from her.

"Alright." I gave in making her smile. Anastasia runs towards Geralt grabbing his arm.

"Follow me, I'll show you to my chamber." She tells her before Geralt could protest. I watched them leave and I grumbled a bit.

"You seemed to have torn your clothing." The Queen looks down at my clothes and I looked before nodding.

"Happens when fighting." I told her as she smiles before motioning me to follow her which I did. I felt the King's eyes follow me causing me to look as he watches me with lustful eyes. I clenched my fist as both of us walk down the corridor with a maid next to her.

"It must be wonderful on your adventures." The Queen tells me and I nodded my head slightly.

"It is, but dangerous if you have a death wish." I told her truthfully and she nods. We entered a room causing me to look around.

"This is where you will stay. I will have maids bring you clothes as well as adventure clothes. If you need anything, a maid will stay in your room." She tells me and I nodded my head understandingly. She turns to walk away before stopping and turned towards me.

"Is Geralt a friend of yours or something?" She questions.

"Fiancé." I told her without thinking making her smile brightly.

"Why that is wonderful, congratulations. I'll send him here then to sleep." She said and left the room as I came back to my senses and covered my face.

"Why in the world would I say fiancé? Why can't I tell her his just my partner adventure or friend? Agh, wise choice." I grumbled as I sat down on the bed hiding my face. I heard the door open and some whispers before it closes.

"So, I'm your fiancé?" Geralt questions and I groaned loud enough to make him hear my frustration.

"It was a mistake okay, I didn't think first." I told him truthfully before laying down sighing as I stared up.

"It was a nice mistake. I mean, I didn't want to stay with that princess. She clings to me like a leech." He sighs making me chuckle dryly.

"You've noticed. Didn't expect it to be fast. I thought it might take you...maybe two years." I told him before sitting up as he raised an eyebrow at me.

"Are you calling me old and slow?" He gave me a challenging look as I smirked and shrugged my shoulders.

"Maybe." I told him causing a scowl to appear on his face before he cross his arms.

"I am not old or slow."

"Then prove it, Witcher." I stood up from the bed and made my way towards him.

"Prove me that you are not old...slow...and weak." I grinned as I see his eyes flare with anger while staring at me.

"Nothing to prove?" I smirked and next thing I knew I was pinned to the wall. My arms are over my head and he looks down at me with a smirk.

"Does that prove it? Or do you want more?" He asked and before I could answer, the door opens making us both part away and look to see a maid walk in with a dress and clothing before looking up at us.

"My majesty says that you need to get out Witcher. The lady needs to be dressed, You'll have to go to the next room." The maid tells him making him sigh and look back at me.

"This isn't over." He growls and walks out of the room leaving me and the maid be. I sighed before changing my clothes. I was disgusted on the dress, but I had to wear it since its the Queen's orders. They tightened the dress around my waist causing me to suck my breath in.


After getting done dressed, I tried my best to breath as much as I can since this dress is a fucking suffocating torture device for women who aren't use to it. The maid led me to a double door as two guards open the door for us letting us see a huge table. Geralt sat from the other side with Anastasia who is having a one way conversation.

They all looked at me when they heard the door open as I saw Geralt's eyes widen a bit. The Queen seemed pleased, The King seemed to have lust surrounding him and Anastasia glared at me with jealousy. I walked towards the table with my head held high as I sat next to Geralt causing for him to smile slightly, but he quickly hid it.

"Seems like everyone is here, shall we begin?" The Queen calls out and a plate of meal came from a door as the chefs placed them in front of us. I placed a white cloth on my lap, so the dress doesn't get dirty and I helped Geralt with his since he looked confused.

"Just spread it out on your lap so you don't messy." I told him as he looked at me and nodded. I pulled back and we all began to eat in silence. Once in a while, Geralt and I would always feed each other and laugh a little when we would accidentally get a little messy that one of us has to help each other out.

The Queen smiled a lot while The King and Princess seemed jealous. Not that I cared about their feelings.

Her dress for dinner

Her dress for dinner

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