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"Cassie Ching you come out now!" Luna demanded.
Luna was standing in front of the closed door. The door creaked open.
"Sister, what's the matter?" Cassie asked. "Why are you causing a ruckus infront of my pavillion."
"Hmph don't pretend you dont know. Your maid slapped my maid amber."
"Sister, it is true that Blossom slapped Amber but it is only because Amber knocked my food out of Blossom hands and bullied Blossom. Blossom lost her temper. It is my fault for not disciplining her. Please punish me." Cassie bowed down. "Heh! You ancient woman. How dare you compete with me. You are just pest on the ground. If you do punish me, everyone will say that you are unruly when I had already apologized and even explained everything. You can't do anything but suffer." Cassie smirked.
"Looks like this woman isn't as stupid as I thought. She laid traps in her words. But a mere transmigrant dare to be rude to me. Lets see how I'll handle you." Luna thought. "Sister, even if my maid did something wrong, it should be me who punishes her."
"Isn't that the argument ancient women always uses. Lame no wonder you aren't favored." Thought Cassie. "Yes sister, it is all my fault. Please punish me." Cassie kneeled on the ground.
All the maids around were watching.
"Tch how unruly, the first miss is bullying the second miss."
"The first miss is really unbehaved as to make the second miss kneel on the ground." The servants whispered
"Sister, why are you kneeling? I just raised my voice a bit. I'm sorry if I scared sister. Huhu" Luna faked tears. "I'm sorry I reprimanded your maid for slapping Amber. I just thought.." Luna sniffles. "I just thought that it was improper for a concubine daughter's maid to slap the main wife daughter's maid. After all, in terms of senority, I am much higher than you. I wanted to help you preserve your reputation otherwise people might think that you are bullying me. Please don't blame me. I'm sorry. Please get up sister." Luna cried somemore

"It looks like we misunderstood the first miss." Maids whispered somemore.
" is improper for Blossom to slap Amber."
"Second miss really thinks she owns the mansion."

Cassie ching turned fuming red
"How did it become like this?" She thought.
"Sister please get up. If you won't get up, I will kneel with you untill you get up." Luna said. Adding fuel to the fire
"Alas, the first miss is really kind. She is not like her mother, Madam Fu." The maids said
Having no choice, Cassie gets up.
"Y-you are right, I apologize. I t-thank you for your k-kindness." Cassie gritted her teeth "Luna Ching just you wait."
"It's alright, we are sisters. We ought to help each other. Blossom has slapped my maid, however I will forgive her as it was Amber's fault for knocking food over."
"You won't punish her?" Cassie asked. "Darned Luna, why didn't she fall for that trap?l
"No of course not, I'm not that petty. Amber let's leave." Luna proclaimed
Luna left Star pavillion. Smiling as she did.
"Cassie ching, this is just the beginning."

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