deja vu?

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Kelli... You did this already didn't you? It had 56 chapters and at least half of them were involving either a) will roland, b) jeremy heere c) jared kleinman or d) all of the above.

What happened to that book??


It's gone.

Did you really miss the funeral? Smh.

No, I got rid of it out of fear that I was giving too much insight on my personal life. GRAnted, i have a poem book too but at least that doesn't directly state things.

So i deleted it

And i regret it.

But hey.

2nd times the charm.

This time I'm probably just gonna post a couple of one-liners, memes, or something along those lines. Think about the things I used to post on my message board(and probably still will). Stupid things I randomly think of!

Think of it as a mini-twitter.

Cuz i don't have real twitter.


Stay gay you 2020s.

(Jan 3, 2020)

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