the end

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Hey guys! This is my first book so feel free to leave any feedback in the comments. Let me know if you like the story line or if there are any bits you want me to add or take out! I'm from the UK so I'm sorry if any spellings or words are different to where you're from, just ask if you're confused about anything. Also, let me know if there are any mistakes and I'll change them ASAP!
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'Billie, get behind me.' He said with a calm voice. But I knew him and I could hear the hint of fear in his voice that he was masking so well.

He didn't move his eyes from the silhouette of the man standing in the doorway. I didn't need to see a face to know it was, just the thought was sending shock waves of shivers down my spine.

I did as I was told, slowly sliding my feet along the floor until I was stood behind the only person I really trusted in this whole world, the person who I always felt safe around, even in this moment.

I watched his broad, muscly shoulders move slowly up and down as he breathed. I tried to slow my breathing to match his but I couldn't seem to calm down. As if he read my mind, he moved his hand behind his back and I grabbed it. He squeezed it and I squeezed back, my breathing finally started to slow down.

The two men began to talk but my mind was whizzing so much that I couldn't work out what was being said. All I knew was that both of the voices were filled with hatred and anger.

I had been staring at our entwined hands because I was too scared to look anywhere else. But when I heard movement and fast footsteps, my head snapped up to see what was happening.

My hand was suddenly on its own again and all I heard was:

'Billie, RUN!'

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