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One week later.

"Why today?" Luke whined into my neck, holding my body before he needed to get up to go shower.

"Cal took off of work for us to do it today." I spoke through a laugh, kissing his forehead gently.

"I wanted you to bring Cayden to lunch so I could see her" he spoke slowly.

"And so I could see you" he finished stubbornly, making me smile.

"We'll be home by the time you get home" I laughed to him, wrapping my arms around him for a hug.

"But cal and I need bonding time" I spoke, kissing his cheek before watching him sit up.

"I guess you're right" he rolled his eyes, the smile never leaving his mouth.

Soon he went and showered and I started getting everything ready, packing a bag with all basic necessities for us and Cayden.

Luke ran over a checklist as I dressed Caydens sleeping body, waiting on Cal.

"Extra clothes? Just in case?" He spoke, making me nod.

"Jackets, water bottles, snacks?"

"Yes, yes and yes" I nodded.

He went over a few more things before taking Cayden into his arms, almost instantly waking her up- making her cry.

"Aw, no- you're supposed to be happy to see me!" He spoke in a high voice, bouncing her gently.

I smiled, zipping the bag before grabbing the baby carrier.

Luke got her calm, giving her a bottle, letting her drink against his chest.

As I saw Calum car pull into the driveway, I heard Luke

"Casey!" He was purely excited.

"She's holding it!" He almost bounced, showing me that my child was holding her bottle- which the assistance of Luke's bare chest.

"No" I instantly whined out.

"Why is it a bad thing?" His happy expression dropped as he saw mine.

I was genuinely in tears.

"That means she's going to be rolling over soon- she's getting big too fast" I felt tears in my eyes- watching Luke panic at the side of my emotions.

"Calum- help." Luke spoke as soon as a Calum entered- Calum looking to my teary eyes.

"What happened?" He spoke, seeming worried as he pulled me into a hug.

"She's holding her bottle- she's too big already" I ended up crying out.

"I want her to stay small and cuddly and happy forever" I cried as he pulled me into a hug, laughing lightly.

"Casey- she's not even actually holding it, her hand is on it, it's just Luke's chest." Calum laughed, kissing my head gently.

"It's still sad" I hiccuped into him.

"I know princess, I felt the same way about Ben" he spoke slowly, laughing lightly.

"But look" he spoke, pulling away to where I could fully look to her.

"She's drinking your milk, she's wearing a diaper you put on her, she's staring at you- she needs you, she'll always need you, no matter how big she gets"

Calum always knew how to handle things.

I nodded, wiping my tears slowly.

"Sorry for the melt down" I laughed out, making the two of them slowly laugh too.

"We understand, believe me."

Calum ended up taking Cayden from Luke, who pouted immediately.

"You've had her all fucking night- my turn" Calum laughed to him, making him roll his eyes.

"You guys be safe, have fun" Luke managed to smile out, looking to the clock to make sure he wouldn't be late for work.

"Text me, okay?" I spoke, hugging him tightly.

"Will do" he responded, pecking my cheek gently before grabbing my bag for me, helping me put it on with a wink before following Calum out the door.

We got Cayden situated, we put the GPS on and Calum drove with the biggest smile on his face.

"This reminds me of when you and I went to Yosemite to get away from Macey" he spoke, making me laugh at the memory.

"Kinda the same thing- except you're getting away from Macey and I want bonding time" I smiled, feeling him grab my hand gently.

We listened to music the whole way to the hiking trails.

Once we got there, we got out.

"You want me to carry her first?" Calum asked, looking to the baby chest carrier.

"If you want" I spoke, making him take her with a smile.

Five minute into the hike she was crying and steadily looking in my direction.

"Baby wants you." He rolled his eyes.

So we stopped and switched the bag for the baby, making me strap her to my chest, making me play with her baby shoes for the first few minutes of the walk.

She ended up falling asleep against my chest as Calum and I just walked and talked.

Around lunch we found a little pond, throwing a blanket down and grabbing our snacks.

Calum held Cayden in his lap, holding her bottle in her mouth as we talked.

"I've never felt the way I feel towards your mom." He spoke slowly, looking to Cayden.

"But she defends literally everything that Macey does rather than punishing her and figuring out a way to discipline her- like she's never going to fucking grow up. I literally yell at Macey more than I yell at Ben and Ben is five- Macey is almost twenty four years old." He spoke, clearly frustrated.

"And you've talked to mom about this?" I asked him.

He nodded slowly

"That causes her and I to fight, because she doesn't even want anyone to bring up how much of a fucking brat Macey is." He spoke.

"Like Casey, I'm not even going to lie to you- is sitting here, just talking right now if the best thing that has happened to me in the past two weeks." He spoke, making me genuinely sad, because Calum didn't deserve that.

He deserved to always be happy.

"Can I suggest something?" I asked slowly, seeing him nod.

"Have you thought about divorce?" I asked.

He nodded slowly.

"I just- I wish Macey would just leave, because your mom wouldn't have a reason to get mad at me, she'd give me and Ben more attention- things would go back to normal" he spoke, making me grab his hand gently.

"When's the last time things felt normal, Cal?" I asked him.

He looked up, tears in his eyes- breaking my heart.

"Probably the day Ben was born- everything was perfect. You were there, wearing your ring I got you. Macey wasn't as much of a bitch, your mom was happy- my baby boy was so small and loving, we were all so happy" a tear slipped down his cheek, making me quickly wipe it.

"And don't get me started on my feelings about you growing up- Jesus Christ-"

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