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Breaking the spell, she sighed with relief as the tension drained from her temples — sound and movement flooded back into the space around her. Her dilating pupils swirled with heavy, inky poison as she maintained a thread of connection with her catch of the day. Slowly reeling him in, she channelled to him morsels of lust and reckless longing, tainting his thoughts with speckles of hope and confidence which captivated him completely. She threw him a smile — sweet and coy — revelling in satisfaction as he downed the remainder of his drink in one mouthful. She was itching to toy with his mind as she aroused his pathetic body. Just the idea of making him throb and whimper for her as she contorted him in her chokehold of pleasure and pain, make her clit sizzle with unadulterated, malevolent pleasure. She was ready to completely devour every morsel of his fucking soul.

As the song ended, signalling the end of her shift, she exited the podium, mopping the light film of sweat from across her chest and neck. She could feel his eyes burning into her arse and taste his desperation — he longed to touch her.

"Cherry-" A wicked smile formed across her face as she innocently turned towards the voice. It was Darren. "Can you squeeze in one more before you go home? He's requested you specifically." Darren nudged her chin playfully, "looks like he'll tip well..." She waited, connecting with his mind, knowing exactly how to play him. He rolled his eyes; "Okay, double pay?" Safi smirked, nodding as she strutted off behind the heavy velvet curtain, towards the private booths. "Room six," he called behind her, but Safi already knew exactly where her creature was contained; ready and waiting, tangled in the delicate web she had woven for him.

As she approached the room, the tube lights sparked and flickered from the violence of her unearthed desires. She could smell his yearning before she could even see him — it seeped from his pores and trailed through the air, lingering enticingly beneath her nostrils. She stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, awaiting a reaction. She smirked as his wide eyes climbed her endless legs — awestricken by her surprisingly Amazonian stature. To his embarrassment, an involuntary groan exited his wet lips but his words remained knotted and tangled in his parched throat.

"You requested a private show? Sit back and relax..." Safi smiled, with wild eyes. She could feel his mind spiralling — each step she took threw him off-balance. He was starting to sweat already as sweet, fiery desire blazed through his pathetic body. Glancing back at the door, Safi narrowed her eyes and turned the lock before heating the handle and fusing it closed — she couldn't afford to be disturbed. "You can take your shirt off if you want..." she said, filling the silence.

Keeping a foot between them, she started to sway in time to the music; her eyes wandering from his quivering lip to the protruding bulge in his trousers. She revelled in how tight they looked and how uncomfortable they made him feel, straining across his crotch and almost choking his length. With every turn of her body, she used her powers to further squeeze his heavy balls and engorge his cock. Taking shallow breaths didn't help him — he couldn't control the brewing passion and longing — he was aching to erupt. The more he thought about touching the goddess before him, the closer he felt to strangulation. He couldn't fathom why — no woman had ever made him feel this senseless. He toiled with the maddening sensations, tangled in doubt and fear as to whether he should simply succumb and let go. As his eyes trailed to the flimsy stretch of fabric which barely covered Safi's pale, puffy lips, his needs darkened, he felt the tightening sensation creep from his crotch, up to his body, to around his throat. Safi could feel the things he wished to do to her and she needed to keep any shreds of dominance completely suppressed. With a squeeze of her fist, she channelled the pressure of three fingers against his windpipe, slowly extracting the unsolicited thoughts from his mind.

"You're very... very beautiful," he managed to dislodge the words as she closed the narrow gap between them and straddled his thigh, easing the pressure against his throat. He could feel the heat from her cunt radiating through the fabric. Placing his inept hands on her hips and letting him touch her soft skin, she yanked off his tie and tossed it aside, before beginning to unbutton his shirt. Her patience was thin and her yearning was strong — she tore through the remaining buttons and roughly tugged the shirt down his arms until he removed it. Pressed her hands against his chest, she leaned forward until her cleavage was in front of his wide doe-eyes and pressed her wetness against his thigh, grinding rhythmically, in time to the beat.

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