Chapter 1

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  • Dedicated to Liam Butt

    I was watching him from my hiding spot among the crowd. My skin tight spy suit under my dress.(A.N. dress is what I imagine her dress to be) My brown layered hair with it's blonde highlights pulled into a neat bun. Why don't I ever get the good missions? I wondered.

    My name is Katrina. More commonly known as the Black Kat by friends, family, and enemies. I am only 17. A little young to be an agent. But, I'm one of the few exceptions. My parents are the infamous Silverblade and Pinkwolf. Well at least those are the code names. Their real names are Ethan and Eve. I'm their one and only child. I am supposedly going to start a new group of spy kids. Just my luck right? Wrong.

    I'm given all the pointless missions. The ones that didn't count for anything. All I get to do is sit there and watch people. Sure it was spying but I trained hard for my fighting skills, and I still haven't used them. I shook my head. Snap out of it. You're on a mission.

    I looked up and found the guy I'm supposed to be watching, Shane. I wondered how the son of a mob leader could look that innocent. He was talking to his friends. The seemingly normal high school junior. But, I knew better than to judge. He stood there at 6"0' and he was absolutely gorgeous. I checked the profile I had in my cell phone on Shane(and still do). Nothing had said he was supposed to be handsome.

   "No!" I yelled out loud in the middle of the dance floor. All eyes were on me. "I got stood up," I claimed. Everybody seemed to believe me and went back to dancing. All accept one. Shane was on his way over to me. "Crap," I mumbled.

   "Hi. I haven't seen you around school before. But my names Shane, may I ask yours?"

    "Katrina, the names Katrina. Nice to meet you Shane. Uh, why are you talking to me?"

   "Because, you aren't the only one that got should up tonight. And plus, I think that you're way to pretty for any guy to do that to you."

   "Thanks, I'll be right back. Bathroom." I sped off to the bathroom. In the bathroom I pulled out my cell phone. I dialed the Directors number.

   "Hello Katrina. What seems to be the problem?" He asked

   "Well I don't know how I'm supposed to keep quiet when he comes up and talks to me."

   There was silence on the other end of the phone. "Well just continue your mission. If he talks to you then you can talk to him. But, be careful Katrina."

   "Of course sir. Goodbye sir."

   "Good luck Katrina."

   I put my phone away and went back to the dance. I carefully avoided Shane. Whether it was dancing with somebody else or hiding out in the bathroom. The dance was almost over and I thought I was safe.

  "Hey, have you been avoiding me?" Shane had snuck up behind me.

   "Hey, uh no? Why do you think I was avoiding you?" I asked innocently.

  "Well, every time I come up to you, you run away."

  "I do not!" I answered a little too quickly and defensively.

  "Chill, I'm just kidding!"

  "Oh. Sorry, I tend to get offensive sometimes..."

  "I've noticed."

  "What's that supposed to mean?!?!" I responded, keeping with my cover.

  "I'm kidding!"

  "Oh. Sorry again."

  The music slowed down and the DJ announced the final dance.

  "You wanna dance?" He asked.

  "Uh...sure. I guess."

  He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He put his hands on my hips and began to dance. I put my hands around his neck.

  "You know that you look amazing tonight right?" He asked a while as we were dancing.

  "No. I look hideous."

  "No you don't!!!"

  "Yes I do!" I argued. We went back and forth for a while then the song ended. He slowly let go of me. I turned to walk away.

  "Wait!" He called after me.

  "Yeah?" I asked while turning around.

  "I wanted to do this since I met you earlier." He kissed me.

  I was stunned. But, ended up kissing him back.

  "So I guess you really like me?" I asked

  "Yeah. Oh and here's my number." He wrote his number on my arm.

  "Uh, wouldn't it be easier to just put it in my cell?" I asked

  "Ya," He blushed "Probably." He took out his phone and swapped with me. We put our numbers in each other's phones.

"Well I gotta get going, my rides here." I said

  "Mkay. See ya around?"



  I walked down the long hallway to the Directors office. I had already taken off my dress and changed my hair from the neat bun to a messy down due. I had to figure out what I was going to do with Shane. Did I actually like him? Or was it just the mood and my instincts took over? I have to figure that out. I reached the Directors office and started to knock on the door.

  "Come in, Katrina." He called out.

  "How do you always know it's me? Do you have cameras in the hall or something?" I asked while opening the door and walking in.

  "Yes, we have cameras everywhere, but I don't need to look at the camera to tell who's knocking at my door."

  "Wow, no wonder you're the Director."

  "Let's stop the chit chat and get to business Katrina, have a seat." He pointed towards the chairs in front of his desk.

  "Ok sir. So what exactly do you need to know?" I asked while sitting down.

  "I would like to know what your plan is for this mission."

  "I thought it was just tonight."

  "No, I'm giving you this mission until the whole thing is over and you have a main part of it. To get inside Shane's house and get on the families good side."

  "Well, one way I could do that is go to Shane's school, and become a student. Then date Shane. I could see what that does." I said thoughtfully.

  "Seems like a good plan. You can try that one first. Let me know if you need anything or anybody."

  "I will sir."

  "You can leave now Katrina."

  "Ok sir. Oh and sir,"


  "You're welcome Katrina. I hope you pull it off."

  Me too I thought while walking down the hallway.


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