Chapter 5

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I woke up by six the next morning. The dark mornings of the school year. I thought to myself. Ugh I so can't wait for this day to be over. Then I remembered I was going over to Shane and Violet's house tonight. I jumped out of bed and ran into my bathroom. Quickly getting in and out of the shower. I threw on an outfit and laid out my outfit for later. I then quickly did my hair, deciding to put it in a messy bun today. I applied my normal eyeliner, concealer, and lip gloss. I checked the time, seeing I hadn't moved as fast as I thought I did and had about 15 minutes to eat. I ran downstairs and made myself a bowl of cereal. I was done within five minutes, too nervous to slow down. My phone started buzzing then.

"Hey...uhh whts ur address?? ~TheShaninator~" I read the text and laughed.

"It's 2853 Sesame Street. Nd yes there is a real sesame street :) >BlackKat<"

"Could u tell me how 2 get how 2 get 2 sesame st? jk I kno my way. C u soon ~TheShaninator~"

"K, c u soon :) >BlackKat<"

"Mom, I'm getting a ride today!" I said while cleaning out my bowl.

"Kay, see you later hon."

I threw on my chucks and grabbed my backpack, heading out the door. I saw Shane pulling up in a black convertible.  Violet and Blain sitting in the back seat, Rowan sitting up front. I noticed that once parked Shane and Rowan started arguing, obviously not seeing I was outside yet. I decided to have a little spy fun. I took off my shoes and put on my black cardigan. I snuck up behind the car and heard Rowan complaining to Shane.

"Shane, I don't see why I have to sit in the back. Or why she," He lowered his voice "has to know."

"Rowan, it matters to girls, trust me. She knows because it was pointless keeping it from her. She was going to find out anyways. She's a lot more observant than you think. She was able to tell that I unlocked a door, without me jingling the keys." Then why didn't I think to ask the Director if he knew they are twins!?!? I thought while sneaking away.

I was able to sit on the front porch and start pulling on my chucks when they noticed me.

"Hey BlackKat!" Violet called.

"Hey Violet. How goes it? Oh and Rowan its fine if you sit up front, it may matter to some girls, but not to me very much." I said noticing him get out of the car.

"It goes good. Guess you're sitting back here with me and Blain." Violet responded

"Thanks Kat." Rowan said, honestly surprised.

"Looks like it, and no problema." I said climbing into the backseat.

We sat chatting about random little things on the way there. I noticed Shane looked tense pretty much the whole way. When we got there everybody filed out of the car, except for Shane. I put my hand on his shoulder.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Nothing, nothing at all" He said.

"Shane, don't do that. I know something's wrong. You might as well tell me."

"Ok, so I'm nervous about tonight, and I'm also kinda freaking out, like I do whenever somebody finds out bout me and Violet."

"Oh, well how bout something to ease your nerves?" I asked.


"Good." I kissed him, and surprisingly he kissed me back, despite all his nerves.

"Better?" I asked, breaking the kiss.

"Yeah, much. You're awesome you know that right?" He asked

"Yeah I know, but I tend to forget sometimes. But, you always remind me, whether you know it or not. Come on I have homework to do while talking to you and others in homeroom." I said while dragging him towards homeroom.

"Can't we skip? I don't wanna go to that class, it's so boring."

"Nope, this chick has homework, I say again. Plus, Rowan will probably call or text you wondering where the fug you are."

"Why didn't you do it last night? Probably, fug?"

"Cause I was talking to somebody on the phone. Yes fug. It's for when I try to quit swearing, it is pretty much the same, but to me it's not."

"Wow, sorry 'bout that.  And again wow."

The school day went be very sluggish; especially 1st hour. I sat there doing my homework, talking to Shane and Rowan, texting Violet and Blain. I don't think it could have gone any slower. 2nd hour didn't go by nearly as slow, but still pretty slow. Shane and I went back to the old art room and hung out there. Even lunch went by slowly.

I was sitting in the lunch room, at the groups table. I was watching the line waiting for it to get short enough so I wouldn't have to wait long to get food, like I always did. I thought I saw something familiar. The heads of what appears to be a set of twin girls. I watched them as they snaked their way through the lunch room. Something was familiar about them, but I just couldn't place what it was. I decided to see if I could find out more.

"Scar?" I called to Scarlette.

"Yea Kat?"

"Do you guys have any twins here?" I asked innocently.

"Yea, we have one set. But they're new, like you. Came today I believe."

"Huh...ok. Thanks Scar."

"No problema, may I ask why you wanted to know?"

"I just saw them; they look familiar to me though." I said thoughtfully.

"Well, that has to be a weird feeling."

"Oh it is." I confirmed.

The rest of the school day dragged on, but I made it through mostly thinking about the twins...both sets. The one set I knew (Violet and Shane) and the set I didn't (mystery twins). I was interested about how Violet and Shane were able to keep it a secret this long. I was also interested about who those mystery twins were and why they seemed so familiar to me. I just couldn't figure it out. But, somehow I knew that they had another sibling. How did I recognize them?

The school bell rang, shocking me out of my thoughts. I packed my things and left, walking out to Shane's car, wondering about what was going to happen at his and Vi's house tonight.

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