Chapter 8

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               Violet took me home, silent the whole time. She seemed to be debating something in her head. I just let her be and thought over what I was gonna tell the director.

                When I got home I went straight up to my room, dropped my bag on the floor, and jumped onto my bed. I kicked off my shoes and quickly fell asleep.

                I had a nightmare that night. I was being chased. I wasn’t sure what by though. Whenever I looked behind me I didn’t see anything. But, I always heard the pitter patter of feet running behind me; Four of them judging by the sound. I stopped running when I reached a clearing in the thick woods. I stood in a defensive stance, ready for any attack. A wolf jumped out of the woods at me, aiming for my neck. I was able to fight him off for a while. But, my energy drained in what seemed to be seconds. The wolf stood for a second, staring at me. It really was beautiful. He had deep black fur, which shined ice blue in the light. His eyes were an icy blue. He stood there for a few more seconds, and then launched himself at me. I was frozen; my body was paralyzed with fear.

                “BRING! BRRING!” My alarm clock sounded.

                I shot up and wiped the sweat off of my forehead.

                “Wow.” I whispered.

                I got up and showered. I let my hair fall down naturally, simply brushing through it. I did my small amount of make-up and got dressed. I then went downstairs and ate my cereal. When I was done I ran upstairs and grabbed my bag, heading out to my car after that.

                I drove to school and went to my locker. I glared at anybody that got in my way. I took out my homework and shut my locker to see him standing next to it.

                “Hey Dempst.” I said cheerfully.

                “Hey KittyKat.” Dempst said.

                “You know I hate that name.” I said, annoyed.

                “But, I love calling you that.” He whined.

                “Fine…” I sighed, not in the mood for fighting.

                “You get my note?” He asked.

                “Yup, but I didn’t read it…” I answered truthfully.

                “Why not?” He wondered.

                “Shane came in the room. By the time I got home I was way too tired. Sorry.” I explained.

                “Oh, well you really should read it.” Dempst suggested.

                “Why, is it important?” I wondered.

                “Yea, it’s about…your mission.” He said, lowering his voice.

                “Oh. I’ll read it later and then text you. Where are the twins?” I asked.

                “Somewhere around here…” He trailed off.

                “Okay…well I gotta go to class. Talk to ya later.” I said, walking away.

                “Let me walk you to class! My class is that way anyway.” Dempst called, following me.

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