Chapter 5 - Clue

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12:00 A.M.

"Hey! Pull yourself together!" Variel rushed over to the girl, checking her pulse. It was weaker than normal, but it was there. Avarice fished into his pocket and took out his phone, dialing a number and saying a few words before hanging up.

"Help is coming in a second." As soon as the sentence ended, a gust of wind passes by. A girl appears before them, carrying a child in their arms. 

The girl was named Hikari Amai, a Class S student. Her ability is called "Velocita". She is capable of running up to the maximum speed of 300km/h while her usual is 287km/h. She can also jump with her super speed, causing an illusion as if she had teleport. She had strawberry peach hair and shining yellow eyes.

The boy in her hands was but a child, he had pale strawberry blonde hair and pale green eyes. He seemed quite dazed as he was probably awakened very suddenly. His name is Denki Yuuma, a Class S student. His ability is Healing. He can heal people most of the time, but it takes a great deal of energy, since he is still young.

Carefully, Hikari puts down the sleepy and dazed child. 

"We came as soon as we could." Hikari states, her gaze seemed anxious as she looked at the injured student.

Having already known why he is needed, Denki kneels down towards the injured student and begins his healing. The process is not so fast but it wasn't slow either, considering his half awake state. 

A few minutes pass, the healing is completed. Mara regains conscious. Her head felt blank as she sat up. Soon, she remembers what had happened and became alert. Her gaze turned to look around, only to see the students that had helped her.

"What happened, Mara?" Variel spoke up after seeing how she had calmed down. Mara shuddered lightly before sighing. "I... I can't remember much of what happened but," she stood up. "The person that had attacked me wore a hood, their powers... were very well controlled."

"A hood... so you couldn't see her face..." Hikari muttered. Mara could only nod. "To have good control, they would be in Class B or above," Avarice commented. Variel patted the sleepy Denki as he asked, "Is there anything else you could remember, Mara?"

She quieted down, trying to remember any other details. Her eyes widened. "A ring. The person wore a ring." 

She could still remember those hands that reached towards her numerous times aiming to kill. On the right hand, a simple decorated ring was located on their little finger. Her breath hitches for a moment remembering the scene vividly.

"The ring... it was probably gotten during the school festival," Denki says before yawning, "You know, the ones Class N was selling."

The hallway became quiet for a moment, Denki sleepily continued, "That means... it could be anyone, really. Class N did get the most sales, right?"



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