Chapter 3 - Decision

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HEyyyy so-- I did manage to get my lazy ass to write some more uwu BUUUT I'm having an important exam coming soon, (in a month or so) so I might not be able to write. Other than that, I'm not a very bright person, so I'll try to make chapters at least 700 words long. If I am able to, the normal length will be 1000 words long.

With that, let's keep going ^^


>Medax (N Class)
>Miyano (N Class)

"Medax! What do you mean you'll join the operation!?" Miyano yelled at him as soon as they stopped in a corner.

He had dragged Medax to a secluded area somewhere in the school courtyard. Despite getting yelled at, Medax smiled at him and began caressing his head in attempt to calm him down. In actuality, it made him a little more annoyed at the other.

"Relax," Medax took back his hand. "They're not making me fight. I'll only be part of the analysis group," Medax said with a light tone, as if he wasn't bothered by the problem. Irritated, Miyano's gaze turned into a glare, but he lowered his head as he sounded his disapproval. 

"I don't approve of this."

"I know."

"I'm upset."

"I know."

"I'm worried."

"...I know."

Hearing the repeated words, Miyano's heart became troubled. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed Medax by the collar and pulled him down to eye level. Their eyes met, and Miyano who had been glaring couldn't control his changing expression. His eyes shook and he showed his distress.

What happened was a matter of life and death, yet the person in front of him seemed completely unfazed. He who had been changed by this person couldn't imagine what it would be like without this person by his side.

Medax saw as Miyano's expression had changed, his smile became noticeably softer. He scratched the other's nose lightly with his finger in a teasing way. "Honestly... you make me want to tease you," Medax said sweetly, in a small whisper, but Miyano had still heard it. Miyano held back the urge to slap this person back into reality before releasing him. With a sigh, he said in a troubled tone, "I really don't know what's going on in your head."


>Atsuko (B Class)
>Variel (B Class)

"Atsuko!" Variel called out to the girl who was sitting in a daze. 

"Huh? Oh! Wh-what?" Atsuko replied, snapping out of her dazed state.

After dismissing themselves from the meeting, Atsuko had her heads in the clouds, lost in her own thoughts, all the way back to the classroom. Variel showed a helpless smile as he sighed slightly.

"Have you decided on which student we will tell about the operation?" Variel asked Atsuko after making sure she was paying attention to him. Hearing the question, Atsuko was silent. She honestly didn't know who to trust with this operation. "I... thought about it, but I'm worried. What if the attacker was from our class? What would happen then? Would they be violent? Or would they stop and continue after investigations had ended? Or--"

Atsuko began rambling about her worries. Variel could only blink and stare at her weirdly and he joked with a smile. "You're actually thinking for once. I'm surprised!"

Atsuko made an offended face as she defended herself, "Hey! Just because I'm kind of dumb doesn't mean I don't think!" 

Variel laughed at her defense before comforting her, "Don't worry, if the attacker really is from our class, we'll just have to find a student with mind reading abilities to figure it out."

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