Chapter 4 - 2nd Night Patrol

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Avarice (A Class)
Variel (B Class)

11:00 P.M. - Dorm room

Avarice sat at his desk, casually studying. His eyes glanced at the time several times before finally landing on the other person in the room. His lips thinned at he secretly stared at the other. 

Variel was sitting on his bed and was scrolling through his phone. Occasionally, he would giggle a little, possibly having had found something amusing as he was scrolling. As though he had felt someone staring, Variel looked up from his phone and their eyes made contact. Avarice flinched visibly before he pulled his gaze away and stared back at the books in front of him.

Seeing the other look away, Variel puffed out his cheeks and continued to play on his phone. 

"I want to talk to him but..." Avarice thought to himself, he can't help but feel his face heat up slightly as he reminds himself of a memory that happened not too long ago.

A few minutes pass by, finally, it was 11:25 P.M.

Avarice got up from his chair ready to leave for the patrol. Seeing as he was about to leave the room, Variel followed suit, tucking away his phone into his pocket and casual walking out the dorm room.

They entered the silent hallways. They shared a tactic understanding as they gave each other a glance and began to walk through the halls. Along the way, both could not start a conversation. 

Avarice was trying to think of a topic to talk about, wanting to disperse the awkward atmosphere, when he suddenly felt warmth on his left hand. He turned to look at their intertwined hands, both stopping in their tracks.

Variel looked at him and asked, "Do you hate this?"

The hands that hand strengthen its grip was enough for an answer. Variel smiled, "I feel the same way."

"That day...When we-- when I--" Avarice wanted to explain himself.

"I didn't hate that either," Variel cut him off, his eyes unwavering.

They both were silent for a moment, remembering the same memory.

School Festival

Avarice and Variel stood side by side on the rooftop, watching the festival below. It was simply a temporary escape they both needed. The chatted and joked with each other. The distance between them was small.

Variel had leaned in a little closer, to share a small secret. Seeing his face up close, Avarice fell into a short daze, unconsciously  he had also leaned in, closing whatever gap was left.

Having realized what he had done, he pulled himself back. He felt nervous and didn't manage to catch the other's expression. Blurting out a small, "Sorry," he left hurriedly.

"I was upset when you ran off like that..." Variel let out a small sigh. He moved in a little closer. "I wondered just when you would explain yourself, who knew you couldn't even utter a word afterwards," his voice had a hint of tease in its cheekiness.

"I just... thought I made it awkward that's all," Avarice replied, albeit a little stiffly. 

Variel pursed his lips before responding, "Oh, you did. Especially since you ran off and said sorry."

They both became quiet once again. "So... what now?" Avarice asked.

Hearing that response, Variel couldn't help but giggle and laugh. "Well, what comes after things like this?"

Seeing the eyes that sparkled at him, waiting for his answer, Avarice smiled helplessly. "Then, will you date me?"

With a big smile, Variel nodded and gave a positive hum.

Having finally being able to sort out their problem, Avarice felt his chest lighten, he squeezed their hands a little before gently pulling the other along to continue their duty for the night.

The patrol that night had went on smoothly....

Or so they thought.


Although very distant, the scream was heard. Alerted, Avarice and Variel made no hesitation and immediately sprinted towards the direction of the scream. "That voice... belongs to Mara, a student from my class." Avarice stated as they hurried.

Mara, a student from Class A. Her ability is named "Calling the Demon". When she screams, a demon guardian in the form of a lion would appear to follow her orders. The demon will only last until she had called him off or her energy had been plummeted.

The two did not take long to arrive, but as soon as they did, it was a little too late. The saw as the demon that had taken form of a lion disappear before them and a girl falling to the ground. Her skin that was originally slightly tan seemed paler and was filled with injuries.

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