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MY GACHA EDITS ;) by moonlight_phosphor
MY GACHA EDITS ;)by moonlight_colored_phosphor
do I decided to make an edit book 👀 I'll also put art in here sometimes
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Gacha headcanons by wigglewriggle
Gacha headcanonsby Lucy
Gacha Life Stuff [✔] by Roze-Everland
Gacha Life Stuff [✔]by Maxine Blaise | 맥시 블레이즈
I play Gacha Life and it's a really fun game! Here I can show you updates, secrets, my OC edits and my created OC's in Gacha Life! I do not own Gacha Life. It is owned b...
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Gacha World x Reader (One-shots) COMPLETED by Responsive-Introvert
Gacha World x Reader (One-shots) DₐᵣₑDₑᵥᵢₗ
You can say in the title :) request is closed Not Edited COMPLETED Highest Rank #5 Gacha Studio Highest Rank #14 Gacha Highest rank #4 Lunime Highest Rank #1 Lyte
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Gacha World: The Guide | DISCONTINUED - Last chapter for info by TwiWoo
Gacha World: The Guide | cori
ガチャワールド:ガイド (Gachawārudo: Gaido/Japanese) The Guide to Gacha World is filled with all the information you need to know! Includes: ♢All 5 and 6 stars ♢Easter Eggs ♢Promo...
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Funny things in gacha world by Writeryukino
Funny things in gacha worldby Yukino
this book is full of gacha randomness !😇😉
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Gacha Life | my oc x reader one shots by Lejou_Akira
Gacha Life | my oc x reader one tearisuu
[N O C A P T I O N] 🤣🤣🤣-jk 【discounted Cuz I made a new one- Hontoni gomen' nasai】 This book is a oneshot 'My oc x reader' S C H E D U L E: MON/WED/FRI R E A S O N S...
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Gacha World One Shots (DISCONTINUED) by kanaotoes
Gacha World One Shots ( Kanao Tsuyuri
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Gacha World Boyfriend Scenarios || DISCONTINUED by Responsive-Introvert
Gacha World Boyfriend Scenarios || DₐᵣₑDₑᵥᵢₗ
Basically some scenerios with some Lunime Characters, This includes: Kilios Phantom Cykopath Lyte Xavier Reed Nova Blade Killer Reddox If you want more dont be shy to t...
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Anything Gacha! by -cosmiii-
Anything Gacha!by ~ℭ𝔬𝔰𝔪𝔦𝔠~
[Warning: This book is REALLY old and fairly cringy, read at your own risk] This is where I'll put all my Gacha related stuff, so I won't have to mix it up with my other...
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Gacha World stories (Yaoi, Yuri, ect.) by LianaSilvic
Gacha World stories (Yaoi, Yuri, LianaSilvic
I have a lot of ships I'm into for this Gacha world game :3 (Technically the Lunime fandom lol) Number 1 OTP! CykoPhan! (I can accept both ways) Other ships I'm currentl...
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Gacha Randomness and Art by thelonesomedevil
Gacha Randomness and Artby thelonesomedevil
Notice: - Will contain gay and lesbian ships - May contains OCs - May contain NSFW - Steal my art and/or edits and I will find out where you live and kill you
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Lunime Headcanons and Randomness by Angel-Starlyte
Lunime Headcanons and Randomnessby ★𝔏𝔬𝔰𝔱★ ℑ𝔫★ 𝔗𝔥𝔢★ 𝔊𝔞�...
I'm obsessed with any Lunime game. So, here are some headcannons I have about some of the units of Gacha World, Anime Gacha, and Gacha Resort. Hope you enjoy!
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My Gacha Stuff by AleksandraProeva2018
My Gacha Stuffby Proeva Angelce Aleksandra
Random stuff I put on Wattpad with Gacha Life
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Gacha Shit by yourfavoritehonk
Gacha Shitby mega thot
a book where i just write whatever comes to mind about gacha world/anime gacha and ya yeet
Gacha Studio by OneGrellOfAButler
Gacha Studioby Connor
Some stuff I made with Gacha Studio and Pocket Chibi
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Gacha ships by Lugacha
Gacha shipsby Lulugachaverse
I do NOT own the pictures or characters all credit goes to the creators (on hold for awhile due to laziness and creating a new anime fanfic soon)
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My Gacha book by Therose_demon
My Gacha bookby 𝑀𝒾𝓎𝒶𝓀𝑜 𝓇𝑜𝓈𝑒 🌹
Welcome to my first book were there will be little stories and edits of those oc's in the stories
Gacha Life Stuff 2 [✔] by Roze-Everland
Gacha Life Stuff 2 [✔]by Maxine Blaise | 맥시 블레이즈
- It's just like the last book! - I play Gacha Life and it's a really fun game! Here I can show you updates, secrets, my OC edits and my created OC's in Gacha Life! I do...
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gacha world headcannons and oneshots by Witheredfeather
gacha world headcannons and gachastuffhere
Some random thoughts,may contain ships OTP:DJ X/DJ Phantom