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"Queen has steaks on the grill, it's about to definitely get live nigga

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"Queen has steaks on the grill, it's about to definitely get live nigga..." I dapped up Dro and we went to the man cave to roll up

It's my birthday, today I'm 29. My family, friends and love ones have came here to celebrate and show love for another year if me living.

I never really took pride in my birthday or even celebrated it but Brittany insisted that I make a day out of since we met in high school.

So every year that passed us, we would take our broke ass down to the pizza parlor and buy 1 slice of pizza and watch pedestrians walk by and predict what type of person they were.

After we went separate ways, I would get that slice of pizza and watch the same mediocre pedestrians walk by.

Today I'll get out of the habit and build something new with the family that remains. I can't continue to hold her so close that I abandon the people I have around me now.

"I like the new crib bro..."

"Queen decked out everything honestly, I just sign my name on the lease and she took over everything..."

"She still working?"

"She quit, she working on her singing career. I believe in her, her voice is beautiful."

"I heard her sing to the kids and she definitely has a voice..." I inhaled the smoke as I passed the blunt

"How shit been with you, Jalisa and the baby?"

"We've been straight, I'm in the road a lot now so I have to trust her to take care of Cash when I'm not there."

"For a long time, she struggled and I see a change in her. The medication she is on makes her a fucking robot at times."

"Especially when she first started, I remember she would wake up in the middle of the night itching, she would sit and look at the shower and not jump in the water. I tried talking but it was like she didn't know who she was, who I was or where she was."

"Shit is tuff, but I can definitely see that she is better. Go on the road and get the bag for your family."

"How you been since—"

"Clare, y'all come eat. Herb Lisa is looking for you..."

"We coming baby..."

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