Chapter 1 (unedited)

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"What...?" The young lady flinched as she glanced over towards the gorilla in the blue suit. She shifted her body into a more comfortable position on the grey sofa. Her arms brushed against the silky material. Oh that felt nice...

"How does that make you feel?"

" soft."

"Soft?" The gorilla questioned lightly with his eyebrows raised.

"I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?" The girl asked embarrassed.

"No worries. We were just talking about yesterday..."

Yesterday? The girl slightly frowned. Did something happen? Her eyes wandered across the ceiling as her eyebrows scrunched in concentration. The ray of light instantly drew her attention. It was coming from a window towards the right. There were little particles floating gently about, dancing through the air. And if she listened closely...she could hear them. They were calling her name...

"Lizzie! Are you ignoring me again?" The blonde rolled her eyes while waving her hand in front of the face of the spaced out girl.

"Oh sorry, I had a long night...," Lizzie smiled apologetically. She was already cursing her luck that Angelica saw her. She's closer to the devil than an angel. Everybody avoided the spoiled brat like the plague.

"I don't care about your pathetic life. My parents don't pay you to daydream. If they needed somebody like that they'd get somebody from the looney house."

"I'm really sorry, it won't happen again." Lizzie tried her best to put on a sincere face. She really needed this job if she didn't want to live out in the streets.

"You better not if you don't want to be fired. No wonder your parents dumped you. Who would want an stupid b*tch like you for a daughter." She laughed like it was the funniest joke ever and sashayed away in her designer shoes.

Lizzie watched her walk away with her fist clenched hard enough to leave angry moon shaped marks. It's ok, words can't hurt you, she told herself. She's not worth it. She took a deep breath and reminded herself of the bills she had to pay and the little sister she has to feed. She glanced at the clock. Two more hours.

She sighed and rubbed her tired eyes. The stress was getting to her. Sometimes she wished it would all just end, but she knows she can't be selfish. She's the only one Bailey got left after dad died and mom left shortly after to be with dad. She really missed the old times...when they were still the happy family. Eating together, going to the park, movies, and just talking about the simple things in life. She missed her dad's voice. The soft rumble as he would ask how her day was.

She even missed her mom even though she left her and Bailey. She hated her so much in the beginning. She didn't understand how a mother could abandon her children without a second thought. She still can't forgive her, but that can't stop her from loving her because deep down she still can't forget the warm hugs and soft voice that would always brighten her day when she felt down.

Ding. The cold December air rushed in, jolting Lizzie back to her senses. The bell above the door reminded her that she better get her butt moving if she still wanted the job.

"Hello, welcome to SheekwAir." She glanced up and met familiar green eyes.

"Hello, we meet again." Green eyes smiled.

Author's note:
This is my first story, and it's really just for fun. There is no set schedule, and feel free to comment suggestions. I'll take them into consideration. Enjoy:)

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