Tails meets Cream

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It was a normal day for Tails. He was working on a small 'box' when suddenly he heard a small tumble. Tails looked over and saw a young rabbit was dusting herself off, a chao floating around. Tails looked at the two with interest, he'd seen the girl before, she was around every once in a while.

"Uh, hi," Tails greeted, when the rabbit was finished. She looked over and smiled.

"Hello! I'm Cream," the rabbit greated, before pointing to her chao, "And this is Cheese. What's your name?" Cream asked.

"Tails," the fox told Cream.

She nodded and said, "It's nice to meet you Tails!"

"It's nice to meet you too, Cream," Tails greeted before looking back at his work with interes. Cream went over and looked at it too, confused.

Cream then asked, "What's that?"

"Oh, uh, just something I've been working on," Tails explained, looking back at it. It was a box, atleast it seemed like a music box. There was a crank on it too.

"Mind playing it...?" Cream asked, sitting next to the two-tailed fox, Cheese following. Tails nodded and cranked the music box, and it played a lovely melody.
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Cream listened and smiled happily, it was really relaxing. She then looked at Tails and said, "It's really lovely."

Tails looked away, blushing embarrased. The only ones to ever really compliment him were his brothers. "T-thanks," Tails said. He then asked, "So...guess you maybe noticed?"

Cream blinked confused then, with help from Cheese, realized, 'Does he mean his two tails?' "If you mean you're double tails, then, don't worry. I think they make you unique!"

Tails looked at Cream and smiled happily, "Thanks Cream."

"You're welcome!" Cream said smiling, Cheese grinning too. She then realized it had been a little while, "Oh, mom must be worried. I have to go, I hope to see you again Tails!" She then stood up and said, "It was really nice meeting you."

"It was nice meeting you too," Tails said. Cream then headed off and the two waved goodbye. Tails looked at his music box, smiled calmly, and grabbed it. He then headed back to where his brothers were, feeling better than earlier...


Haha! Bet no one expected this :3 Anyways, hope I didn't make Cream too ooc.(ooc auto-corrected to 'good'?) Anyways, sorry for not posting, school and writers block. I'll focus on this and try posting on my Digimon story too! Anyways, I may also post some other stories I write too, if you all like this. Anyways...think I should do another meeting? Or just a basic oneshot with somebody doing their own thing?

Anyways, I need to sleep, night my purrfect readers!

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