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First and foremost, I HAVE to establish that this story idea and some of these characters are NOT MINE. They belong to mimithemango, whose story is incomplete but inspired me to create a separate ending for. To understand this story, it would probably be best to go read their story first. Its linked in the description because wattpad won't let me link anything in here.

It is titled Wait For Me (Hadestown), author is mimithemango, read it, it is fantastic

But if you don't have the time, or would like to skip to when Eurydice and *other characters* are getting out of Hadestown, this is that story (finger guns you dramatically)

I will quickly summarize what has happened up to this point:

Kryos (union leader of Hadestown) started a riot that caused a diversion so that him, his pregnant wife Katia, and Eurydice could escape the way Eurydice and Orpheus tried to get out. They have just reached Uptop.

Thanks to mimithemango, for letting me use their idea for this story

As a side note, this will not be a horribly long story, it is mostly a resolution, some fluff, and a disagreement or two! Read on!

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