Part 2 [chapter 6]- Doorways

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She lied on the hard floor, curled in on herself, unable to sleep for fear of being discovered. She could hear footsteps upstairs. Hermes? Orpheus? someone else? a new barmaid that they hired when she could no longer serve drinks and wipe down tables for them? She waited until Katia and Kyros' breathing have slowed to a level of deep sleep, a sleep she knows they won't wake up for a long time. Their exhaustion was too great. But hers was such a deep tiredness that she couldn't get herself to relax. She was exhausted, on the brink of collapsing but her flight or fight mode had been on for so long that it was almost impossible to switch it back off. So when they fell asleep, it didn't take long, she quietly stood and felt her way towards the basement door that lead up to the bar. She was worried whoever was upstairs could hear her heart feeting more than her footsteps. It was so loud to her that others must be able to hear it.

The door was unlocked, just like she knew it would be. The door is always open, even during work hours and even when the bar is closed, it's a lot easier, since everyone always loses the key.

Something in her throat constricts at the thought of laughing at Orpheus as he searches his pocket for the key. And the look on his face when he realizes he's lost the key again.

Straightening herself to her full height (though it was still quite petite), she stepped into the light, gazing around for who was making those footsteps.

It was a woman, facing away from Eurydice, her dark auburn hair long and luscious halfway down her back. She wears a flowing dress of teal, a kind of dress she never dreamed of seeing in this day and age. A fabric she'd only dreamed of. Some kind of gossamer gauze. Cinched at the waist and tied in front with what looks like an apron. Eurydice couldn't even see her face and somehow she could tell she was exquisitely beautiful.

And when the woman turned around, she found out that she was quite right.

More than beautiful. Like a goddess. Even from the distance they were separated by, Eurydice could make out her glowing skin, speckling of freckles, pink lips.

Bright eyes widening at the sight of a skinny young girl behind the bar.

"I'm sorry." Eurydice blurted out. "I'm sorry, I didn't know where to- I'm- I-"

"How did you get in?" the woman said, her voice was just as beautiful. Melodic.

"Through the back." Eurydice pointed with her thumb in that direction.

The confusion painted on both women's faces were apparent. Eurydice had never seen this women in her entire time in this town. Everyone knew everyone in their little railroad side town but there wasn't even an inkling of remembrance, not a stirring. And this woman didn't know where the mystery girl came from. How did she get through the back without the key? Did they forget to lock the door? No, she'd locked it herself yesterday.

"Who are you?" Eurydice asked, her voice growing in strength.

"Who am I?" the woman exclaimed. "who are you?"

"I- where's Hermes? I need to see Hermes. He lives above the bar still?"

"Still? Where did you come from, girl? How do you know Hermes?"

"Please," Eurydice pled. "I just need to see him, it's important. If you won't let me go to him, I'm begging you, go to him and tell him that... Eurydice is here to see him."

The desperation is apparent in her voice, so much so that the woman crumbled underneath Eurydice's despairing gray eyes.

"Come with me. But I open the door, and promise me you'll explain to me who you are afterwards... Eurydice."

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