Chapter Two [Tweakin Hoe]

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I sat in nursing class trying to stay awake but I was honestly so bored. I wanted to go home and curl up in a ball eating roman noodles while I forced Jesse to paint my nails but it was only morning and I still had a very full day ahead of me.

I heard the desk squeak signaling someone had taken a seat next to me. I glanced at the dark skin man with nice facial hair and he looked at me with a grin before turning his attention back to the board. He was wearing some college team beanie on his head and when he caught me looking he glanced over at me once again.

"I'm Terrance Jackson, and you are?" He asked extending his hand. I looked around the room noticing that and he and another white guy were the only two males in this class.

"I'm Alijah" I said carelessly leaving out my last name because he didn't need to know all of that. As I looked towards the front of the room as the teacher continued to talk. I was to bored to even understand what was coming out of her mouth, it all seemed to be one big blah.

"You from here? You are by far the most beautiful girl I've ever seen" he said trying to spit game and I raised and eyebrow taking in his appearance. I could tell by the way he dressed he thought he was the shit and I didn't feel like feeding his ego.

I knew Jesse would probably murder this poor man so I decided not to entertain him anymore. He seemed way to sure of himself which was a turn off to began with.

"I don't really feel like talking, I was staring at your beanie because I thought it was nice" I said as we began being dismissed.

My phone beeped and I glanced down at the text from Elias and quickly rushed out of the room without giving Terrance a second look.

My brother was seated on top of his G wagon smoking a blunt as he flirted with some girls walking passed him. He saw me and playfully rolled his eyes before jumping off his ride pulling me into a one arm hug.

"Look at my lil big sister working hard" he smirked at me evilly so I know he had done something and needed me to come help him.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked walking to the passenger side getting in and he got in on his side not dropping the smile from his face.

"Why I gotta want something? I can't just wanna talk to my favorite girl? Besides mama said we need to look out for each other and I'm just trying to show you that your lil big brother got your back" he said and I continued to stare at him with a straight face until he broke.

"Alright, you know how I was spending all that money at the strip club?" He asked and I rolled my eyes remembering how him and Darius both dropped 50k each at the strip club in one night making Calvin put the both of them on a budget.

"Yeah, what about it?" I asked as he started the car pulling out of the school parking lot and he sighed remaining quiet for a moment.

"I was gambling on a sports team and lost, I owe Marco a million dollars and he said if I ain't give it to him by today he was gon whoop my ass and he's Marco so you know he'll really do it" Elias said and I signed.

"Why don't you go into your bank account and get the money?" I asked him and he smacked his teeth stopping a red light.

"I just told you Cal put me on a budget and Nicole ain't gon go against him she to afraid to loose her job, just loan me the mill and I'll pay you back" he said in a begging tone as he began driving again.

"Fine! But I'm taking it out of the account Jesse and I share so if he wants to know what happened I'm snitching" I said with a smirk and he damn near crashed the car as he stomped his foot on the break making cars honk at us.

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