Chapter 1: That just means mommy and I will have to go for round three.

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I'm gonna put chapter ___ at the beginning of every chapter because I know what it's like to lose your spot and not know what chapter you left off on. Anyways, I was at 80 views with this book and now I have none haha. But thanks for actually giving this book one more shot. I hope you enjoy.


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Her little figure at the age of seven came sprinting up with a board too large to support her body. Her cheeks flushed a bright pink and her golden locks flowed behind her body. Her little thumbs gripped tightly on the board, grasping the endings with all her might as if she was afraid to let go. Through her gray eyes, you could see a storm of silence raging with curiosity and peculiarity. The gray clouds in the evening along the jersey shore had nothing on the beautiful raging storm dying to ignite its flame that rested in her eyes. The little girl hobbled on two feet, hoping to make her way across the stubborn and heavy sand. Full of exuberance, she dropped the board and ran into her father's open arms, his face engulfed in pure clarity as he gripped his daughters curls in the palms of his hands. Falling out of the embrace, he turned her with the slight movement of his hands and pointed to the vast sea.

"You see that?" He whispered, almost slipping into a steady trance that followed the movement of the roaring waves. Slowly, the little girl removed her gaze from upon her father's and rested her eyes on the water. Almost immediately, they lit up with desire and flickered immensely.

She nodded her head and kept a steady look upon the water.

"The storm is raging, which means the waves are too. This could be dangerous but luckily, your father is almost as good at surfing as he is flirting with the blonde ladies."

A woman that towered at the height of 5"11 scowled as she turned to slap the backside of the man's head. He flinched and moved forward, throwing his hand up to the back of his head. The little girl chuckled and the woman smiled, giving her daughter a high five in complete celebration.

He then turned to the woman who had a sly and firm grin plastered on his face.

"I can practically feel the bruise forming." he

The woman shook her head and laughed, looking at him with fondness, even after his absurd comment about the "blonde ladies" and his attempt to flirt with them.

"Come on love. The blonde ladies practically run the opposite way when you approach them. Legend has it, they are still runni-" she was stopped when the man wrapped his arms around the woman, launching her into the air as her carried her bridle style, showering her with kisses. She laughed and snuggled into his embrace, feeling an overwhelming burst of warmth cover her body.

"But somehow-" he paused, running a hand through her hair- "I managed to catch you. You overpower all the beautiful blonde ladies."

She scowled as he wiggled his eyebrows. Gazing into his ocean blue eyes which could compete with the sea, she fell for his smile and couldn't resist any longer, pulling her face in and placing a kiss on his lips.

They were interrupted when the man felt a small tug at the hemline of his bathing suit bottoms. He looked down at his daughter who had a certain look on her face and gave a breathy laugh. He put his wife down and squatted down to his daughter's level, giving her a small glare.

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