Author's note

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Hey everyone!

Many people told me (on Instagram and Wattpad) they would be interested in reading my NCIS ff "Ncis Ziva kehrt zurück aus Israel" in English (=NCIS Ziva returns from Israel).

So yeah I've vacation now so I start translating my German ff into English. (I learn English for about 6 years + two years at the Elementary school, but everyone who learns another lenguage too knows even if you learn it for so many years you're still not perfect. If someone talks/writes English I understand it pretty well (I watch many American movies in English and I read many English Wattpad stories) but if I talk/write something in English it's not so good.. So please don't judge me and it was great if you'd comment what you think about my English :)

Okay, end of talk, let's start! First chapter is coming!! :)

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