This Cat....

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Bakugo POV

I don't know what the hell this cat has been has been through, but it's not a fucking normal cat. I've only had this cat for 2 days and he has already broken 7 cups. Oh yeah Riot is a guy. Honestly, he seems pretty well trained. He doesn't piss on the couch, carpet, or me. So he isn't completely fucking stupid.

Suddenly, I heard another crash from the kitchen. "RIOT! YOU LITTLE SHIT! STOP BREAKING SHIT!" I scream, small explosions coming from my hands. I stomp into the kitchen and guess what I saw. Riot standing on a counter, with broken glass on the ground. Riot looked happy to see me.

I was about to launch Riot into fucking space until I noticed the cup that broke. It was a red mug with a black R on it. It was a Red Riot cup. That one Eijiro made himself and gave to me as a gift. Pain went through my heart at the broken mug at the ground. Tears feel from my eyes at the reminder that he was gone.

Suddenly, I felt something rub against my legs. I looked down at what was rubbing against my legs. It was Riot. He looked up at me with a look of sadness. His ears were down on his head. I picked up Riot and held him in my arms. Riot purred as I pet him. I went and sat on the couch. 

After Riot came to me, I've felt better. I cleaned my house and actually started caring about myself. I don't know why, but I feel like I've known Riot for a long time. I continued petting him.

"Heh, you hair for brains." I said in my soft tone. Riot smiled at me with his sharp teeth that seemed so familiar to me. I smiled at him as I softly pet him. It was the first time I smiled in weeks. He continued purring, his red eyes still shining. He slowly walked into my lap and laid down, resting his head on his small paws. His tail wrapped around himself as he slowly went to sleep. With my hand on Riot, I soon joined him in his peaceful sleep.

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