Chapter: O N E

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Chapter: O N E

“I’m raising a little girl… The last thing I want is for her to see this”—Tavi

Los Angeles, California | 6:23 p.m. | 5 years later

        “Ms. Torres… Ms. Torres”

        The snap and flash of the Polaroid camera in my eyes caused me to snap out of my thoughts and look at the nurse standing before me. She had a ninety degree angle ruler in her hand, a camera, and a stethoscope around her neck. Her pink scrubs went perfectly with her pale skin, freckles and ginger hair to match.

        “Hm?” I hummed when I realized that she was calling my name.

        “You’re all done,” She smiled and walked over to the desk in the room. She wrote down on some paper and then looked up at me, “I’ll just go get a detective so you can put in your statement and—“

        “I don’t need to put in a statement!” I interrupted in a stern tone, “I told you I just need some pain killers”

        The nurse sighed, “Ms. Torres with all do respect. You’ve been coming to this emergency room about three times a month, it’s clear that—“

        “I don’t care!” My voice started to get louder, “I told you what I came here for, can you please get me the doctor so I can get my prescription?”

        Once again the nurse sighed, “Okay”

        She gave me one last look of concern and then removed herself from the hospital room. I shivered at the cold feeling that was moving up my back and through my arms. The burning sensation on my side and under my eyes caused me to silently wince at the pain. If I would’ve known it was gonna hurt this bad, I would’ve never done what I did. 

        I shook my head at my mistake and then there was a knock at the door, “Come in,” I instructed to the person behind the door.

        The door slowly but surely started to creep open and then a white man with a white lab coat on came through the door with a smile on his face. He had small framed glasses sitting at the tip of his nose, and his salt and pepper hair was slicked back out of his face.

        “Hello,” He stopped and looked down at the papers he held in his hand, “Ms. Torres,” He smiled after her figured out my last name, “I’m DR. Givens… I hear that you have a couple of bruises and need some pain medication for it”

        I smiled and nodded, “Yes, I just can’t take the pain”

        He chuckled and walked a little closer to the bed I was sitting on, “I understand that and I’ll get you some as soon as possible, but I would really like it if you could stay so that we can monitor that bruising of the rib you have”

        I threw my head back in frustration, “I can’t stay… I have a flight at eight o’clock”

        He sighed, “Well okay then. I guess I’ll give you this and the nurses will see you again,” He handed me a small piece of paper with my prescription on it.

        I snatched it from his hands because of the smart comment he made, “Thank you” I mumbled.

        I gathered my things after he walked out of the room leaving the door open. I pushed down my Chanel sunglasses that were sitting on top of my head so that they were covering the big black and blue mark under my eye. I strutted out of my room and out of the hospital with a few of the nurses gawking at me. I simply placed my nose in the air and walked out in confidence.

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