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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 24: Fall


"Ronnie" I heard someone barley whisper the next morning. I opened up my eyes and sat up slowly. "Ronnie" My eyes wandered over to Ari and I saw her eyes open.

"Oh my God Ari!" I basically screamed, running her to bed side. I grabbed her hand and held it close to me, crying.

"Jesus Christ Ronald!" She chuckled.

"I love you so much" I said, planting kisses on her cheeks. "I thought I was going to loose you baby and I was so fucking scared" I said and looked into her eyes.

"You'll never lose me" She said with a smile.

"Promise?" I asked, looking deep into her eyes.

"Promise" She smiled again, running her hand down my face.

"Good, cause I can't live without you" I said with a small smile.

"I can't live without you either Ronnie" She smiled back. I hugged her and kissed her lips passionatley.

"I'll go get Jacky" I said, getting onto my feet.

"Alright" She said, pecking my lips. I walked out and down the hall to the waiting room. Jacky noticed me come in and he looked at me weirdly since I was smiling. I motioned for him to come to me and he did so.

"Ari's alive" I whispered in his ear and he darted out of the waiting room, down the hallway. I chased after him and quickly ran out of breath. I finnaly reached Ari's room to see Jacky hugging her.

"Ari, your brother is a fast motherfucker" I said, doubling over while they just laughed.


"How are you feeling Ari?" The doctor asked as he came in a little while later.

"Fine, my head hurts though" She chuckled, putting her hand up to her head.

"I can imagine! From the looks of your injuries, you had a pretty nasty fall." The doctor said, looking through his clipboard. "From the looks of it, you'll be able to go home tomorrow" He said with a smile as he left.

The next day she was able to come home. She slept for most of the day since they gave her pain killers.

The day after that was our first concert since warped tour.

"CMON ARI!" I yelled up the stairs. Everyone was already in the big van.

"I'm coming!" She yelled down the stairs, sliding down the railing and into my arms. I carried her into the car and we were off to the venue. We had dropped Macy off at Ari's mom's earlier since she was too young.

We just hung out backstage, warming up and talking until it was time to go on.

"Alright Mason, don't come on until I bring you out, alright?" I said to him and he nodded. I kissed his forehead and grabbed my mic. I was going to have a microphone stand tonight since I would have a kid in my arms for a song.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKERS READY!" I yelled into the mic and they screamed.

"WELL I'M NOT A VAMPIRE BUT I FEEL LIKE ONE" I started off and started jumping around the stage. Halfway through, I went to the side and picked up Mason bringing him out.

"I HEARD A KNOCK UPON MY DOOR THE OTHER DAY!" The crowd quickly caught on and sang along.

"TRYING TO CONSUME" I then passed the mic over to Mason and egged him on to sing. 

"The dwug in me is you!" I chuckled and took the mic back, continuing to sing.

"I'M SO HIGH ON MISERY, CAN'T YOU SEE!" After the song, I brought him back to the side of the stage and we had 3 songs left.

"THAT WAS MY FOUR YEAR OLD SON MASON! NOW, WE'RE GOING TO PLAY A LITTLE SONG FOR YOU CALLED SINK OR SWIM" The crowd cheered as the music started up. I put the mic back in the stand as I started to sing.


"Fuck" I groaned as the roadies ran over to me to help me off.

"Oh my God Ronnie! What happend?" Ari cried as I was helped to a chair on the side of the stage.

"I grabbed the mic stand and leaned back but I guess my foot slipped on the cord. It twisted around my leg, tripping me and now my leg really hurts." I said as tears started to roll down my face. 

"Well do you want us to take you to the hospital?" Logan asked.

"Later, after the show. I must finish" I groaned.

"But Ronnie, your in a lot of pain! You can't go on like this!" Jacky protested.

"Yes I can, someone get a chair out their and help me out their to sit down and I'll be fine. I'll go to the hosptial after the show, we'll skip the signing." They nodded and went back out. One of the roadies brought out a chair for me to sit in in the middle of the stage and two roadies stood on either side of me so that I would only have to use my right leg to hop out.

Once everyone saw me come out, they started cheering and I eventually made it to the chair. I grabbed the mic and the roadies ran off the stage.

"Well, now I can't stand but I'm determined to finish so, I hope you guys don't mind me sitting" I chuckled and they all cheered.

I finished off the show even though I was in a lot of pain.

"I'm sorry you guys but we gotta go and we have to skip the signing! Love you all and thanks for being so awesome" I said and was helped off the stage. I was helped out to the van and Ari let me drape my leg across her lap as we drove.

"Dear fucking God my leg hurts like hell" I groaned all the way there, tears slipping out of my eyes. The pain was so bad that I was biting the seat and gripping onto it.

"My poor baby" Ari cooed, rubbing my thigh, trying to calm me down.

"Stupid ass microphone with it's stupid ass microphone cord" I grumbled to myself.

We finnaly got to the hospital. Derek and Jacky helped me in and sat me in a waiting chair while Ari checked me in. She filled out the forms for me and we had to wait and wait until I finnaly got called back. They gave me a wheelchair and I was helped into it. 

Ari followed me down the hall and sat in the room with me while the doctor examined my leg.

"Well Mr. Radke, it looks like you've broken your leg." The doctor said.

"Fuck" I groaned, plopping my head onto the pillow.

"Now how did this happen?" He asked.

"I was preforming and I leaned back. My foot slipped on the cord and it wrapped around my leg, causing me to trip and land flat on my back and causing me to break my leg." I said while in pain.

"Well we're going to take X-Rays, give you a cast, some pain killers and send you on your way." He said as I was helped off the bed and into the wheelchair. He showed me where it was broken, took me back to the room and put a cast on my leg. He gave me some pain killers and gave a bottle to Ari. They gave me crutches and had me use them a little before sending me off.

Ari pushed me to the waiting room and Jacky pushed me to the van. I got help in and we drove straight home. I was helped up the stairs and Logan carried my crutches up. I got undressed and went straight to sleep since I was exausted.


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