The Werewolf On My Doorstep

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Chapter One:The Full Moon

Giant, raven black paws hit the leaf covered ground, as he pushed his body faster and faster through the trees, ignoring the pain. It was midnight, the full moon casting an eerie glow, as the hunters cries echoed through his mind. He growled softly, whimpering in pain as his lower body slams into a tree as the gunshot rings out in the dead silent night. Pushing himself faster, harder through the unknown terrain he ignores the blackness edging at his vision. He heard their shouts, knew they were getting closer and closer as he slowed from the blood loss, even as he edged closer to the end of the tree line.

Using his last bit of energy, the air around him shimmered, as his body shifted, bones cracking into their different forms. Stumbling he braced his arm on the tree, shaking his head to ease the dizziness, pushing himself into the brush as the hunters ran past, oblivious to his presence. Moving slowly, silently, he approached the tree line, watching, listening for any signs of danger. When he was sure the hunters were gone he stumbled out of the forest, bracing himself on his forearms when he fell, moving towards the lights he could see, not knowing how far away they really were. In his weakened state, he barely made it to the bottom steps of the porch of the house in front of him, a house he'd never known existed until now.

He fell to his knees at the edge of the first step, pulling himself up with his arms, crawling to the top, the blackness edging farther and farther into his vision. Crawling on his hands and knees to the door, he could feel the extent of the damage the hunters had caused, could feel the effects of the drugs wearing off, ever so slowly. He knocked once, lightly, on the door, his arms not being able to bear his weight any more, he laid his head down on the wood porch, closing his eyes to the irresistible call of the dark.


"Arianna! You'll never believe what I just heard." Nessa yells in my ear, sloshing her drink onto the floor of the kitchen as she shook from excitement. At least I hope its excitement she's shaking from, maybe she's just had one too many drinks. "Guess. Go ahead, I dare you."

I sigh, pushing her back away from me, rolling my eyes at her giddiness. "Trevor wants to take me to the Fall Dance." She gasped, nodding her head wildly, her blond curls bouncing up and down with her head.

"How'd you know? I had to practically sit in his lap to get him to tell me." She whines, pouting her lower lip at me, a look that has every guy in the room watching her with hungry eyes.

"Tanya told me, you know she doesn't know how to keep a secret." I lie, not wanting to tell that he'd already asked, that I'd already said no. If she knew I said no to Trevor she'd never leave me alone until I told her why, and I can't tell her why because I don't know.

"Oh, yea you're right. I wish we had the typical high school Barbie that was a bitch to anyone, instead of Tanya." She whines again, gripping my arm tightly when I go to move away. Maybe I should rethink my no drinking promise to my dad, it would sure take some of the squeal out of Nessa's voice if I were drunk.

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