Chapter 30 ~ Mila

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Chapter 30 ― Mila

We were on our way home already, Moni was next to me complaining non-stop about why we had to take Harry with us when we could have perfectly taken Zayn. She was such a hard-core shipper. I, on the other hand, was still with a silly smile plastered on my face. One of those stupid grins you have when you have the first real conversation with your crush. In that moment I felt like the protagonist of a YA romance.

I always just assumed Zayn didn’t want something serious and I never thought I wanted something like that either, but after he mentioned and made it clear, I realised I wanted that too. I wanted to be with Zayn. I really liked him, not a simple crush, not just fancy. I really liked him. With butterflies in my belly and everything. And whilst putting in perspective everything that had happened during those days in Harry’s bungalow, I realised I trusted Zayn. The only time that someone had gained my trust that quick had been with Moni, and I always thought she was the only exception. I had a really hard time trusting people, but with Zayn I could open myself up without problem. I even talked about my family problems with him! I trusted him to keep me safe when I was dead scared. I had known him for almost two months and it was really easy to talk to him. I was conscious I didn’t know much about him and that we were really getting to know each other properly now, but I felt like we could spend hours talking about so many things and I felt that even if he didn’t share all my interests, he would respect them anyways. And that was something precious to me.

“I honestly don’t know why you hate me so much,” Harry complained from the back seat breaking through my thoughts and bringing me back to reality.

“You know why,” Moni replied but I stole a glimpse of her for the corner of my eye. Not even I knew why she seemed to hate Harry. Truth be told, I didn’t think she hated him at all.

“I don’t!” He cried out and I giggled. Harry was very confident about what he could do and he was a perfectionist, he wanted to be better. Always. And if Moni hated him for something, he wanted to know why so he could be better. He needed criticism even if it hurt him.

“Because you want to steal Mila from me! Best friend thief,” She snapped turning around to glare at him and I burst out laughing. I knew it was nothing important. “And,” she added dramatically, “You ain’t gonna let me marry your car. That was the opportunity of redemption for you and you didn’t take it! So stop moaning and man up. You and I are never gonna be friends.”

My silly friend.

“Moni, I thought you were gonna marry a Ford Mustang GT. What happened? Are you cheating?” I asked her and the brunette turned to look at me. I saw Harry on the rear mirror and he looked somehow amused yet still confused.

“It’s an Audi Coupe R8, Mila. An R8. Of course I’m cheating. Polygamy all the way!” I laughed again and Harry joined me this time.

“Okay, what if we share Mila and I do another thing for you to forgive me for my car thing. I can’t let you marry it because it’s my baby,” Harry suggested still fighting to hold back his laughter.

“I don’t know what you could do for me to forgive you. It’s hopeless, Harry. Don’t even try,” Moni replied half-ignoring the curly-haired boy and I was still giggling until I remembered something.

“What if Harry introduces you to someone?” I suggested and I saw through the rear mirror Harry opening his eyes in surprise and a bit of fear.

“Someone?” Moni asked with a hopeful tone and Harry groaned.

“I won’t introduce her to someone if she’s gonna suffocate them or something like that,” Harry warned and Moni squealed. I just laughed again.

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