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This part used to be a post to tell you how Mila was getting hate from some readers. Luckily, that stopped and I decided to change it into a thank you note.

My lovely readers... Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for reading this story, for bearing with my many errors and everything! Thank you for loving Mila as much as I love her. Thank you for laughing and crying and moreover, for telling me all what you thought of this story. It was wonderful to share it with you all.

About the comments... I'm so sorry I can't reply to all of them :( I wish I could, but there are too many and I don't have enough time. I rather keep writing than replying comments and I hope you understand that. But if you wanna ask me something or tell me anything, you can message me! I still read all your comments, even those who read this story months later! I just can't reply to everybody.

Now, if you loved Misconceptions, you have to keep reading in the series! One Direction will have more adventures and it's Harry's turn to find true love. Read his story in Music Sheet a lovely novel that tells us how he meets Hannah, a broken girl who is too afraid to lose the people she loves.

I'll see you all around!

Bel, xx

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