Chapter 2

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Lisa's PoV

I came earlier than usual because you know, penalty. This is just a simple penalty. I had a penalty then when I got suspended for a day! But they can never kick me out 'cause duh! They need for the basketball tournament

"Good morning, mister Wilson," I greeted the usual cleaner

Oh yeah. I know them. Kim doesn't give me a bad penalty when all I did is to play with my teachers.

"Lisa, it's you again!" Mister Wilson replied

"At least act like you're happy to see me," I pouted as I grabbed the foldable hand helper

"Lisa, I know that you're here because you did something childish again," Mister Wilson said

Mister Wilson is a father figure to me. I'm always seeing him working so hard for his family. I first saw him when it was my first penalty. This has been my 13th but that doesn't bother me. At least I get to see the man.

Mister Wilson is already old. Maybe around his 50's but he's still working.

"Don't you want that, sir? You get to be blessed by me!" I told him as I picked up some of the trash

"You're getting closer and closer to losing the championship with what you're doing, Lisa," He scolded me

"They need me more than I need them, sir," I replied as I continued cleaning the park

"Don't be so cocky, Lisa. You might jinx it," And he coughed

I immediately approached him and I guided him to sit down. I gave him my bottled water to stop him from coughing.

"You shouldn't be working this hard, sir," I told him

"I told you to stop calling me sir. It makes me feel superior even though I'm not," Mister Wilson ignored my remarks

"I want you to obtain the championship trophy you've told me about when we first met each other. That's your dream, Lisa!" He exclaimed

I just smiled at him. Mister Wilson reminds me of my dad. Both of them are so supportive.

"Let's just finish this so you can go to your class," Mister Wilson was about to stand up but I stopped him

"You can just sit there, I will finish it," I told him and he shook his head

"I don't know why you keep on putting this image in front of your schoolmates when it's clearly not you," Mister Wilson smiled

Yeah. Mister Wilson thinks I'm a nice kid but I'm not. There are just people that I choose to be nice around and that includes him. I finished my penalty. I changed my shirt because I was sweating and I went to my class.

When I entered the class, everyone was looking at me. I just gazed at them and proceeded to my chair which was at the back of the room.

"You were almost late, miss Manoban," Our teacher came in seconds after I sat down

"But I'm not, right?" I replied

The bald-headed man just ignored me as he takes out his stuff that will actually help us learn. This is boring. Why am I not with one of my friends? I have four real friends and one of them is not with me?! What are the odds?

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