Never Fall In Love At The Jersey Shore, But What If I do?

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It was near the boardwalk when I saw him, an everlasting burning sensation. Its like when you see two toddlers touch lips, with such a youthful love. He was beautiful, and had Jane come here written all over him.

" Jane, You dazing off again?" My friend Cassadee tries to get my attention

" Kind of, sorry what were you saying?" I looked at her, and she took a glance at him.

" I know what you were looking at, ha-ha nice. anyways, I was saying that we should go to California "

" Hollywood would be so epic, especially the crazy drama " words coming from Diane's voice.

The next thing I know, were first in line to get pizza. I hand the money to the cashier and he replaces it with box of pizza. Diane, Cassadee and I sit down.

Then the guy, came through the door. He had a V-neck shirt, and cut off jeans, with nerd glasses. Bleach Blonde hair, and Blue eyes, with a hoop in his nose. You could tell her works out, with his muscles seeping through his shirt.

" He's mad hot' Diane yells, and he looks back and looks at me.

" She said your hot" She points at me, embarrassing me. He looks an smiles at me.

" Thank you, Your pretty hot yourself" he says back at me, and I totally give him a point blank stare.

" Oh, and She wants your number too" Diane yells.

He starts coming over, and he grabs my hand, and writes down ten digits. My Life is pretty good now.

" Now all you need to do is put that under your contacts as Matthew, and text that number" He says giving me chills down my spine.

" Will do" He walks out of the store.

" Girl, The first time we walk into this store this summer, you already get picked up." Every summer, there's at least a million of hot guys that come out of nowhere at the Jersey Shore.

" Look summer just started, and if your jealous. There no reason to be, because there's going to be a lot of single guys looking for some love"

" Of course, who doesn't want to come and get some summer lovin from the cassadee" Cassadee sits there and laughs at her own jokes.

" So Lets me this the greatest summer known!" I say raising up my Arizona ice tea for a cheer

" Cheers" We all raise our drinks.

^ What'd you think so far? Is matthew worth it?

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