Never Fall In Love At The Jersey Shore, But What If I Do? Part Deux

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We all were running the boardwalk, and acting like complete morons in public. But hey it grabs attention. Talking pictures so we can plaster our walls in pretty pictures. These moments can only be found in our hearts. Then I put Matthew into my phone, and texted him. He sent me a picture of him and his surf board, and my eyes were pointing at the picture.

" That's like not even hot, that's banging' I say to my phone. I'm in my sundress and Greek sandals, and a hat. Then a the wind blew, and my hat was flying away, then I reached to grab it, then It was

Zackary, My ex boyfriend. What in the world was he doing here.

"Hey, Thanks" He gives it to me, then I get sucked in by his green eyes. I have to snap out of this, before I think of his lips.

" You're welcome sweetheart" looks at me with a grin, then I hold my hat. And get back to the most awesome summer day. And we get on our bikes, even though riding bikes isn't as cool anymore. And ride around, then we go to a henna tattoo and piercing shop. I look at the henna tattoos, and I customize one. It says Dreamer.

Meanwhile, we head back to the beach house, It's beautiful. It's on a private land, with a stone pathway to the ocean, where no one can see anything. And Its huge. My parents are out of seaside, so its all to us girls.

" what the fuck are we supposed to do here, like Jane already has a perfect thing to do" Diane's got a dirty mind.

" Um maybe we can go down to the boardwalk later and try to get into some bars?" When other girls are made of sugar and spice, my girls and I are made of vodka and ice.

So we start mixing drinks, and everything gets slow. Then it gets boring, so I get my phone and call up Matthew.

" Matt, come over?" I ask

" sure where?" I give him the address. Hopefully I'm not drunk enough to make a fool of myself

He comes over ten minutes after, he's wearing a black tank, and jeans with brand new Nikes. Looking gorgeous.

" Hey" He says to me when I open the door. Then I notice he's with two other guys.

" Oh this is Chase, and this is Brock" Looks like Cassadee and Diane got there summer lovin'.

Then Brock looks at Cassadee, obviously, and Diane Looks at Chase.

Matthew and I walk to the backyard where the waves crash. He puts his hand over mine, feeling a spark.

" Tell me more about you" He says

" I can't exactly express myself in a conversation." I say, then I notice he has beautiful blue eyes. I look at them, I'm locked into them.

" well for starters, what do you like to do?" He asks

" I like to practically do anything"

" Then I guess, we'll have to spend this summer to get to know each other" He kissed me on the cheek, making me blush.

So he picked me up and threw me into the water, making me soaked. Thank god I didn't wear white. Then he took of his shirt, revealing everything, and he stripped down so I can see everything.

We started to splash water at each other, and eventually my clothes were off. Then we hear a noise come towards us so we ran out. I went upstairs by going up the stairs to my room, got dressed quickly and came downstairs. Chase and Diane were making out, oh boy.

" matt, come" I throw him a towel, then he comes into my brothers room, my brother was off in the air force. So he had some left over clothes here.

" Alright, You look fine" I sit there and laugh at him.

" What are you laughing at?" He asks me smiling

" Oh, Nothing." I lie

So we head up in the attic, it's dark but still is warm enough to hang out around. The moon is beautiful out and the stars are perfect.

" If only we could visit the stars" I sigh, Then it reminds me of the death of my older sister, She got in a car accident two years ago with her best friend. I miss her so much, then tears start coming down like bricks.

" What's wrong?" Matt asks me

" Nothing, I don't want to talk about it" Then he gives me a hug

" Fucking drunk drivers" I hated them with a burning passion, they were the reason why she had to lose her life.

" Drunk driving isn't cool, I guess. What happened to make you hate them so much" If he wanted to get to know me, he had to know about the death of my sister

" I had a sister named Alice, she was eighteen and was the partygoer of my high school, she had plenty of friends, she was beautiful. She had the perfect boyfriend, and already had money for college. Then one night she wanted a little break from school so she went for a drive with one of her greats Grace. Then we received a phone call that night that she was in a terrible wreck and she was critical condition" It was hard for me to explain this story all it did was break me down.

" My father and I used to be tight, he used to bring me fishing and wherever he went, he wouldn't not think of bringing me, then when I was ten I learned that he had major heart problems. Heart attack after heart attack." He tells me making me feel so bad

" It's so hard watching the people you love the most leave your life, and it happens like nothing. Like god just takes the joy out of your life, but then I guess he gives us what's best in life then what's not"

I get up and give him the biggest hug and keep on holding him as if I never wanted him to leave. And then our fingers intertwined. I almost felt whole, and no there was nothing stopping me.

" Life is a path that we have to take, we can't run from it, so we try to hide our feelings but eventually they all come out. At least we know the people that touched our lives came in our lives for a reason, and we have to get along with it" It's like he gets my life without even knowing me. I have a feeling that I'm going to fall in love with this guy, perfect.

^ so I had this on my works before, It was called Jersey Girls, but I think that would of been to orginal so I made up another one. Hope you guys like this story xx

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