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Two red lines.

Those two lines shook my whole-being. I couldn't think straight while looking at the pregnancy test in my hand.

I froze and I don't know what to feel. The face of my parents suddenly show up inside my head. I can already imagine their disappointment.

Nanginig ang aking kamay dahilan para mahulog ang pregnancy test sa sahig. Sunod sunod na tumulo ang luha ko. Ramdam ko ang mabilis na kabog ng aking dibdib dahil sa kaba at takot.

The people... What will they think about me if they knew about this? The perfect daughter... Is not that perfect at all.

Because of the thoughts running inside my head the only solution that I could think about was to get rid of it. Walang dapat makaalam nito.

Pinunasan ko ang aking luha at pinulot ang pregnancy test at itinapon ito sa basurahan. Inayos ko ang aking itsura, I made sure na walang bakas ng luha o anumang pighati sa aking mukha.

I looked at the mirror and I saw my reflection. I have a chinita eyes that I got from my mother, my pointed nose that I got from my father, heart-shaped lips, and porcelain skin that I inherited from my mother. I was the mic of both of them.

I tried to smile but I could only see a broken soul inside. I touched my stomach... there's a baby inside this. A baby that was made by mistake.

"Senyorita, hinahanap na po kayo ng mga magulang mo! Naghihintay na po ang mga bisita sa baba." I heard a knock and the voice of the maid calling me.

I opened the door and went downstairs, acting as if I didn't cry earlier. Everyone was looking at me as I was going down the spiral staircase, as if I was the best view they could ever see.

My parents met me at the end of the staircase with smiles on their faces. I was already shaking inside just by imagining their reaction if ever they knew about my pregnancy.

Their perfect daughter, the top student, and the smartest is suddenly close to her downfall because of her own stupidity.

"Mi hija, you look extra beautiful tonight. The bachelor's here are gawking at you." My mom lovingly stared at me.

I smiled at her but it didn't reached my eyes.

"You look beautiful as well, Mama." I kissed her on her cheeks.

"And you look dashing, Papa." I did the same with Papa. He smiled at me and we faced the the people who were looking at us.

The party started with me being introduced to our business partners and their families.

When the introduction was finally finished, I got the chance to go out and breathe the fresh air coming from the tall trees standing proudly in our massive land.

I closed my eyes and felt the breeze of the wind as it touched my skin. I felt a tear forming in my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, the tear fell, and I met the eyes of the man I promised to never see again. I tried so hard to remain cold and unbothered by his presence. I can see his deep blue orbs watching me like a hawk. My heart is beating like crazy but I made sure it didn't register on my face.

Tinalikuran ko siya at plinanong umalis na but that plan was halted because I felt his hand stopping me from leaving.

"Don't touch me." I put my hands at the back and slightly pinched my palm to make me calm.

"Mag-usap tayo." I can see how frustrated he was while saying that.

"We're already talking. What do you want to talk about? Your girls?" I chuckled at him mockingly.

"Wala akong ibang babae. Ikaw lang. Maniwala ka naman sa akin." I smirked at what he said.


"Don't lie to me! I saw you! I saw you with my own eyes! Napakasinungaling mo talaga 'no?" My face contorted in pain. "P-paano mo nakakayang magsinungaling sa akin when I'm always being true to you!"

"Baby, please, just let me explain. It was all a misunderstanding." He tried to hold my hand but I immediately slapped him. I saw a slight pain in his eyes that eventually subsided. Or maybe it's just one of his acts again.

Mas lalong ayokong ituloy ang pagbubuntis ko lalo pa't gago ang ama ng aking anak. Gago ang lalaking nasa harapan ko.

"I don't want to see you again. This is the last time that we'll see each other. You disgust me!" I screamed at him, neverminding if anyone hears us.

My tears welled up on my eyes. I was shaking and I feel like any time soon I'll break down. I run away from him. Nakita ko ang pagtataka sa reaksyon ni Manang nang makasalubong niya ako pero hindi ko na ito pinansin at tumakbo na ako paakyat sa aking kwarto.

I gave him everything and in return I lost everything because I didn't leave anything for myself.

How would I abort this child without anyone knowing? I still have several requirements before I graduate and for sure by that time, lalaki na rin ang tiyan ko.

"Ang tanga ko!" I screamed, not giving a care if anyone hears it. I cried like a child. I screamed, letting all my frustrations out.

It's just funny how I'm the top student in our class but was easily fooled by a man. Totoo ngang kapag matalino sa academics, tanga naman sa pag-ibig.

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