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5) Fighting


Icing. Soup. Potato chips. Pizza. Food. Hungry. But i've already had 100 calories worth of toast. I can't afford anything else. I get up from the bed and walk over and open the pantry so fast it blows my hair back.


1 Ritz cracker (2)

5 Goldfish crackers (4)

Half of an apple (4)

There. 10 more calories won't kill me.I walk back to my room feeling bloated. Fat.

"Sarah! Dinner. Come down now!" mom screams from downstairs.

"I already ate."

"At least come down for family time."

"CAN'T. Homework."


1) Don't eat.

2) Don't get tempted.

3) Don't eat.



Blood. Everywhere. On my hands, on the floor.

"I'm sorry."

There's a knife in my hand. She attacked me first. Said mean things. I got mad. Angry. I couldn't help it. She....provoked me. Said I couldn't take a joke. She told me that one day, my mom would never come back.


And because of that. I had to do it. I was mad.

"I'm sorry."

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