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3) Excuses


Junior year. Homecoming. Dances. Heartbreaks. Hospitals. Psychiatric wards. Dr. Miller.

They say I cut into a capillary or something.

They said they found me in a pool of my own blood. Craziness.

But it wasn't working. 100 calories per slice of cake. But I couldn't help it. I was hungry.

Pleasure followed my punishment. Punishment. Out comes my beautiful lilac razor.


"You're stupid." Well at least it was a new one. I has heard different ones from her in the last year.

"You're fat"



Then out came the blade.

"Kaitlyn. Can you leave me alone? I'm trying to finish my homework." I sighed. She walked over to me.

"Well honey, I'm eternally grateful to you. After...well you know." and with that she disappeared.

I did know.

May 17th 2009

The day of Kaitlyns death. Then out came the blade.

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